How to make your phone battery last longer?

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How to make your phone battery last longer

Not even the manufacturers themselves have been able to decipher the batteries. Before each cell phone launch, users’ first question is, “how long does the battery last?” Although it sounds exaggerated, it is one of the most common problems in the modern world.

How to make your phone battery last longer?

That is why users must take some simple measures so that the heart of the cell phone, no matter how intelligent it is, does not fail at the most important moment of the day and leave it cut off from the world.

Turn off unnecessary functions

To help preserve battery charging disconnects unnecessary resources such as GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth when not in use.

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Five simple tips

• Decrease the screen timeout due to inactivity (30 or 15 seconds).
• Lower the brightness and set it to automatic mode.
• Do not use moving wallpapers.
• Avoid network downloads, better use WiFi.
• Enable power-saving mode.

Take Charging time into account

To ensure the best performance of your battery, always use original chargers and batteries. Because devices are requiring different charging levels, use the original charger for your device model.

Check the product manual for the charging current level of your devices and verify that it is the same as the charger you will use.

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Avoid wear and tear

In case the battery has been used for a long period, it is better to replace it with a new one. In case the device has a non-removable battery or the date of manufacture is missing, check the date of purchase.

Improve the battery life of your Android smartphone with a few basic rules

There are many tricks to improve your Android smartphone’s battery life, and in practice, it is logical to have to take some precautions that some could also interpret as waivers, rightly so. Everything goes through a basic rule: to increase the autonomy of a phone or any battery-powered device, you need to turn off everything you don’t need.

It is useless to magically hope for some improvement in the smartphone’s autonomy with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, data connection, and NFC permanently on. Activating them only when needed is the most logical thing to do to not consume energy in vain. It is useless to keep the WiFi on outside the home, which will continue to search wherever you are for new connections to connect to. And the same goes for the other services mentioned; key issue to improve Android, Google, Samsung, Huawei, HONOR, Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO, OnePlus, Nokia, LG, ASUS, Motorola, Sony, OPPO, Realme, HTC or Meizu smartphones.

Reduce the brightness of the screen or, even better, activate the adaptive one, which through machine learning, allows you to calibrate the correct brightness level for each situation based on the user’s actual use. About the screen and user interface settings and set a shorter display deactivation timer, it is known that avoiding animated wallpapers, preferring dark ones, can help improve battery life on Android smartphones with OLED panels. Keeping dark mode active, where available, also helps, since in black, the screen pixels remain off and therefore consume something.

The last of the basic rules concerns the telephone connection. In an area where there is no coverage, the smartphone will always be busy searching for the signal, consuming a lot of battery. After those two minutes of no-signal agony, resign yourself and activate airplane mode if you want to conserve some autonomy. Today, it is difficult to recommend turning off the data network. Still, it could be an option to consider extending the smartphone’s battery life in the most desperate cases.

Improve smartphone battery life by managing apps

The other key aspect to the touch concerns the apps and the related background process management that derives from them. This is also where the game is played. Among the main culprits of excessive battery consumption are them. In some cases, it can go unnoticed by the less experienced. But this is precisely where you need to pay attention.

It makes sense if you have applications that you hardly ever use, disable them or delete them. In some cases, the smartphone or some management apps advise you which ones affect the battery the most, which are therefore limited (in the background or not), an operation that can be performed on most Android smartphones. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and social apps. In general, weigh a lot on the battery, which is also affected by the frequent notifications that arrive during the day.

Here we can intervene by installing, for example, the Lite versions of the same, which in addition to being less energy-intensive, are also lighter to use. Then it is clear that to notice even greater benefits. You have to put your hand to the notification settings, another of the basic aspects of the matter. We suggest you manage the issue directly from the apps themselves, making a selection of the type of notifications you want to receive (on Facebook, set them only for messages, for example).

To increase the battery life of the Android smartphone, in addition to limiting ourselves with application widgets. Another good advice is to keep the applications updated, which should not be underestimated because often, the same updates go to arrange and optimize energy consumption. And in case there are any problems, it would be good to force them to stop (or uninstall them) directly from the device settings.

Improve smartphone battery life with extras

When the basic rules are not enough, you have to run for cover with some other tricks to improve your Android smartphone’s battery life. Disabling haptic and audio feedback could have been placed among the basic recommendations, but since for some, it could be a prominent feature, we preferred to place it here. However, the fact remains that it is undoubtedly one of the aspects that impact the most on our smartphones’ battery, which, when deactivated, can give us a certain margin more.

The same goes for the smart functions and the various automatisms that we usually keep active. A few examples? Automatic app update, smart functions to manage the smartphone via movements or gestures, voice functions of virtual assistants such as voice detection (Voice Match), identification of songs via Now Playing or functions such as Motion Sense by pulling at stake the Google Pixel 4 .

When deactivated, these are all elements that can only do good to the battery, which will certainly benefit. Sure, the experience of general use will suffer, but as they say, extreme evils, extreme remedies, right? However, they are all great tips to improve and extend the battery life of your Android smartphone.

Improve smartphone battery life with power saving, charging and resetting

The energy-saving mode is a ubiquitous feature on Android smartphones, which, depending on the case, disables certain functions by limiting the CPU speed, lowering the automatic brightness level, limiting the use of data in the background, and disabling others functions such as the Always On Display. There is no doubt about the actual effectiveness, but in some cases, it could be very invasive.

However, already following these tips on improving the battery life of Android smartphones, you might as well do without it. But if all this were not enough and you have already tried to update Android to the latest version without seeing any benefits, we would like to advise you to check the battery status. For example, with an app like this. Over time, it loses the original performance and gradually lasts less and less, especially if the right precautions are not taken for charging.

In the most desperate cases, evaluating whether or not to replace it is a must, but not before having followed the above advice and above all not before having tried the last resort (after backing up the data ) that of a factory reset. It removes all data from your smartphone while eliminating the possible cause of the problem.

That’s all. Let us know your tips and strategies that you put into practice to extend and improve your Android smartphones’ life and battery life.

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