How to Fix Windows 10 Red Screen Crash

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How to fix windows 10 red screen crash

The red screen of death appears on computers with the Windows 10 operating system in any situation. It can appear when we are starting the computer when we are updating the operating system when we place the user’s password while playing or even when we are doing absolutely nothing with the computer. There is no specific situation in which it is most likely to appear. However, it is perfectly known that this screen appears when a hardware error, especially when we do it over-clocking on our computer.

But hardware problems are not the only cause of the red screen of death in Windows 10, but can also occur because there are outdated drivers, incompatible drivers or some kind of problem with the BIOS. It is relatively common for these types of problems to occur due to graphics driver failures, or because some application installs incorrect files that cause this conflict.

How to fix windows 10 red screen crash?

As with almost any error or system failure, with the red Windows 10 screen, there are several solutions. The key, almost always, is to identify the problem as much as possible. Find the reason our computer has finished displaying this error screenshot.

Get rid of problematic files

If you have just installed a program, an application or a driver, it may have been the reason for the red screen. You must proceed by accessing Safe Mode at system startup, and, from here, the red screen should not appear. We will have to access the Control Panel and, in the Add or Remove Programs section, which is also available in Settings, get rid of the problematic application.

In case you have installed softOSD, what happens in some circumstances, you should uninstall the program. It may be causing the boot with the red screen of death in Windows 10, and its uninstallation should allow the computer to turn on properly. We will find this same program in & # 39; Add or remove programs & # 39;. If you return an uninstall alert for sds4a.sys, we must skip the message.

disable overclocking windows 10

Disable overclocking

The overclock possible in some systems and used to change the behavior of the multiplier, voltage or clock frequency for better performance of the hardware. However, this configuration on the CPU or GPU, especially because of the temperature, can cause significant problems. As we mentioned earlier, overclocking sometimes causes the red screen of death in Windows 10, so we should disable it.

Here, we will have to use the same application that we would have already used to enable overclocking. And in case the computer cannot normally start, as in the previous point, we will start the computer from the advanced startup options, and through Safe Mode.

Update the BIOS or UEFI of the computer

Update the BIOS / UEFI of the computer

Problems with the BIOS, or with UEFI, can also fire on a red screen. Once again, we should turn on the computer from the advanced startup options and, in this case, we will visit the website of the manufacturer of our motherboard. That’s where we should find the specific software to update the BIOS, if it exists and if it is available. The manufacturer’s software will guide the entire process, but we must be careful because any problem can cause permanent damage to the computer.

If we do not know what the manufacturer of our motherboard is, we have it as easy as using one of the many applications to recognize PC hardware that exists and that, mostly, are free to make this scanner.

Windows 10 Settings.ini file

Change the Windows 10 Settings.ini file

In some games, there is a recognized bug that causes just this, the red screen of the death of Windows 10. And in these cases, the problem has to do with the Settings.ini file. If this is our case, we would have to open the specific file folder of the video game that is causing the problem, find the settings.ini file and open it with any text editing program, but without formatting.

When we open it, we will locate the line. Dxversion = auto And, instead, we will have to put the text. dxversion=9. Now, we would have to save the file with the changes applied, without applying an additional format to the text file, and then we should try to open the game. If the problem is this, then it should normally run and without causing the computer to become useless with the red screen to which we refer.

Install generic graphics card drivers and update

In some systems, in particular, the problem of the red screen of death for problems with the graphics drivers. Here, the solution may be installed by installing the generic Windows 10 drivers, and then apply the updates if available. To do this, in the Windows 10 search bar, we will have to locate and open the Device Manager. And once here, we will locate and expand the Display Adapters section.

We will select the device, right-click and Uninstall. We will accept the uninstall and then what we should do is a reboot. Once it starts, the ideal is to go to the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and, from there, download the latest available version of the drivers for our hardware.

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