How to Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on? Expert Solutions

Dell laptop won't turn on

Your dell laptop won’t turn on? Your Dell computer performs a series of self-diagnostics when it is turned on, verify that all files and hardware are functioning correctly. Once you perform this check, launch the operating system. If you hear the typical boot sounds, but the computer does not start Windows. Different factors could be preventing the appropriate startup procedures. Try restarting the computer first to make sure the problem is recurring and not something at once.

How to fix Dell laptop won’t turn on?

After a long time use, we see the problem that our Dell laptop won’t turn on. The causes are many. Below, we show an average solution that helps you fix the problem.

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Check the laptop screen

Check the laptop screen

If your monitor screen is completely black, the display may be experiencing problems. On desktop systems, check the connector cable to make sure the monitor is turned on and the brightness setting is correct. Laptop LCD screens may appear black if the inverter panel or back light lamp fails. They still show a barely visible image on the screen. Connect a second monitor to see if images appear. If the experimental display shows the image, your current monitor is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Search for an error message

error message

Sometimes, the computer will alert you to a problem in the system by displaying an error message on the screen. Take note of it and visit the Dell technical support website to find a possible solution. The error message usually appears if necessary boot files are missing or if they are damaged, or if the self-diagnostic tests discover hardware failure. Dell to find a possible solution. The error message usually appears boot files are missing or if they are damaged, or if the self-diagnostic tests discover hardware failure.

Run a diagnosis

Dell offers a more in-depth diagnosis through a Pre-Start System Evaluation Diagnostic program. To start this diagnostic program, restart the computer and press the “F12” key when you see the Dell logo on the screen. In the Single Start Menu, press the down key to select “Diagnostics” and then press “Enter.” It will take about five minutes for the program to complete. Take note of any error code that is reported and look at the dell support site to find the meaning and suggested a solution.

Check the hardware

Check the hardware

Recently installed hardware components could interfere with the proper Windows startup. Disconnect any newly added hardware accessories and restart the computer. The hardware currently installed could conflict with each other. Disconnect as many hardware components as possible, including printers, scanners, and media card readers and restart the computer.

Run boot-repair

Run boot repair

When all else fails, you can try running a Boot Repair to correct missing or damaged operating system files? For computers with installation disks, restart the computer with the disk in the reader. When the computer restarts, it will tell you to start Windows from disk and select your language. Choose “Repair your computer” and the operating system, then click “Next.” Select “Startup Repair” to begin the process. For computers with recovery files installed, restart the computer and press the “F8” key before the Windows logo appears. Select the “Repair your computer” option on the Advanced Boot Options screen.

Reinstall windows

Reinstall windows

First, we will see how to reinstall Windows without losing any data, for this once the computer is restarted from the middle with the ISO image, we will press any key to boot from there and we will see that it starts the process of loading Windows. Click on “Next” and we will see the following window. There we click on the “Install now” button and after accepting the license terms we will see the following window. Click on the “Custom (advanced), Custom (advanced)” option. And the following will be displayed. There we will select the partition where Windows is installed and, as we have already worked with files there, the following message will be displayed.

This message refers to all files and folders will be moved to a new folder that will be created on drive C called Windows.old and there we will have available all current Windows files. Keep in mind that all these files are the ones in the parts of Desktop, My Documents, Downloads etc. of all users. In addition to Windows folders and some more. Click on Ok and the Windows installation process will begin. A user can find the installation date of the windows.

Final thought,

After applying these methods, if your dell laptop won’t turn on, go to a good computer technician. He will find out the solution.

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