Ps4 Controller Layout and Know All About Joysticks for PS4

Ps4 Controller

While Xbox usually releases new collections of controls with attractive designs and colors every few weeks, Sony is not very used to seeing new designs in its controls, or at least not at Microsoft’s pace. However, the Japanese company has announced its new fall collection for the DualShock 4, where we see a new and daring ps4 controller layouts. Also, discover more about joysticks for PS4.

Ps4 Controller Layout

Although there are not as many models as we would have liked, four new colors will be available soon, 3 of them are even quite sober such as ‘Electric Purple’, ‘Titanium Blue’ and ‘Rose Gold.’ In fact, with this latest model, Sony gets on the trend of “rose gold”, that color that has become so popular in smartphones, smartwatches and smart bands. Hence, the firm wants rose gold lovers to also have a control that matches their other gadgets.

The most “daring” of the new models is the ‘Red Camouflage’, which follows the same design line as the other Camouflage controls, but now with a red base color.

On the other hand, it is striking that of the 4 controls, the ‘Electric Purple’ is the only model that does not have the control buttons in green, red, green, pink and blue colors that are classic in Sony, but now all they’re on white color.

Rose Gold

In addition to the PS4 controls, Sony has also announced new headphones for gamers that you can use with the PS4 (and other gadgets) in rose gold color. It will combine perfectly with the control of this same color. Because as we mentioned, Sony you do not want to miss this color has become so popular in technological products.

Price and availability

In the case of hearing aids, the firm will sell them for 99.99 USD, while the controls will be sold for 64.99 USD. The firm has not announced in which countries they will be available, but these types of controls, so it will surely be possible to buy them in the fall through stores like Amazon.

All About Joysticks for PS4

The joystick is an essential element so that you can fully enjoy your video games. However, we know that it is normal for doubts to arise when purchasing a new one. That is where we come in, to help you in this process. Here we solve the most common questions that can arise when buying one of the best joysticks for PS4.

What types of joysticks for PS4 are there?

The DualShock is the most common controller for PS4 consoles, the original Sony controller for this console. It is the one that comes in the original package, although normally it only includes one. For this reason, many users, when they decide to buy another, choose a joystick-like the one they already know.

However, some options are of acceptable quality. Some of these brands, such as Nacon or Thrustmaster, have an official PlayStation license to manufacture components for their console. Going for a model of these will always be a guarantee of quality.

Of course, that a brand does not come with the Sony seal does not necessarily mean that it is bad. You must make sure, yes, that it is compatible with your PS4 and with the games in which you want to use it. Also, there are other models in addition to the classic joystick, such as arcade-type controls or flight controllers.

How do you link a joystick for PS4?

The first time you use a joystick with the PS4, you will need to pair it. This is essential even if the controller is the one that came in the original package or if it is a new one that you purchased separately. The process is very simple. Simply connect the joystick via a USB cable to the console while the console is on.

You will have to repeat this process each time you buy a new control that you want to use. The PS4 allows a maximum of four controls to be used at the same time. With Sony’s unofficial controls, the process might vary slightly, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course, make sure they are compatible with PS4 before buying.

How do I charge a joystick for PS4?

The console must be turned on for a successful charge, although it also works in sleep mode. When you press the PS button on your controller, the charging process will be displayed on the screen.

The useful life of your controller’s battery will depend on how you intend to use it. It is recommended to fully charge it at least once a year for proper operation. Another option to charge your controls through a charging base. There are several models on the market that, of course, have to be purchased separately.

Can the joystick for PS4 be used while charging?

In principle, there should be no problem because you keep using the joystick while it charges. In the same way that we said in the previous point, the control charge is carried out through a USB cable. As long as this cable is connected to the console, you can continue to use the joystick during the charging process.

The length of the cable that you will use to charge your controller will limit the separation distance from the console. Continuing to use the joystick while charging should not cause any problems such as overheating, for example. If this happens, stop using it and consult the manufacturer or technical service.

What is the Share button on the joystick for PS4?

DualShock controls, official PS models, have a “Share” button. This option allows you to take screenshots or record video clips while you are playing a game. It is the most social option that PlayStation incorporates and that many users take great advantage of.

Thanks to the Share button, you can share your experience with other players. This application allows you to capture the image shown on your screen and publish it on Facebook or Twitter. It also supports the posting of videos of up to 15 minutes on your social networks. The most interesting possibility is, perhaps, to broadcast your games live on YouTube.

How did the joystick for PS4 come about?

The most current joystick for PS4 is the natural evolution of the first control that PlayStation had. The initial versions were simpler. The first of the improvements that were made was to add two small joysticks for thumb operation. This evolved controller was called DualShock, which is the name it receives today.

Some of the elements of the original control remain today. For example, the characteristic triangle, circle, square and X buttons, or the L and R buttons. Other elements were added over time, such as the wireless capability of the current joystick, vibration or the speaker. The touch panel is one of the newer additions.

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