How to clean the sides of the iPhone

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How to clean the sides of the iPhone

Are you using an iPhone for a long time and it starts to look old? Is it full of scratches on the sides? In the silver-coloured area? Here, we will show you how you can remove the scratches that your iPhone has on the sides. Be careful this article does not explain how to clean the screen, and it is exclusively to clean the bevelled area of the iPhone.

How to clean the sides of the iPhone?

You will need:

  • Very fine sandpaper
  • Scotch Brite
  • Turpentine
  • Kitchen paper

Steps to follow:

The method that we will explain should only be used if the level of scratches is high, if you have a single scratch or they are very small, it is not recommended to use this technique.

To start you need to have one of these two objects, very fine sandpaper at least number 1200 or else you can use a scotch Brite, but use it carefully.

Put a little white spirit on the sandpaper and very carefully rub the sides of your iPhone, do not apply too much pressure. You will see that the chrome colour reappears and the scratches disappear permanently.

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Then you just have to pass a kitchen paper to dry the turpentine and you will see as if by magic the scratches are no longer on your iPhone.

Cleaning the button area of ​​the iPhone is more laborious since you must go through all the corners that the button forms. Be patient, don’t worry, you’ll see how the end result is worth the time you have dedicated to it.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by the application of this technique in cleaning the iPhone.

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