Houseparty: Create Chatroom and Make Random Chat With Friends


HouseParty is a platform that allows you to be connected with your friends through video calls and online group games. In today’s tutorial, we are going to tell you how you can chat with random or random people on HouseParty.

This app was launched in February 2016 as an informal video chat service for a young audience. In recent times, the number of users has increased exponentially as a result of the current situation that the world is going through in which we must all stay in our homes.

This application is already available in the official Apple Store and Play Store stores and is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS and Chrome operating systems. Keep Reading textsheet alternative.

With HouseParty, you can access group video calls and private rooms, although participants can add more people. It allows you to make video calls of up to eight people.

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But this is not all you can do with it. In addition, as we mentioned previously, it has mini-games available. Unlike other apps, you leave your ” room open” so that this way your friends can start a video call at any time. Here they call it ” At home ” hence its name. You can configure notifications to alert you when a friend is online.

How to create rooms in HouseParty?


With this app, it is possible to create rooms or virtual rooms where other users can join to start a group video call or start a game in a group way.

Although to create a user they ask you to enter with your phone number or with your Facebook, Snapchat or Google account, you can skip this process. You can add friends or join rooms by searching for them by username, or looking for close people by contacting people from the same room.

If you log in with any of the previous options, it is easier to synchronize your contacts and find other users of this platform. To add friends, slide up the menu you have at the bottom of the screen and press ” Add “.

How to chat with random or random people on HouseParty?

The central idea of HouseParty is that there is a central room for chatting, playing in a group and making video calls. As other users enter the app, they will appear as connected.

Although there are private rooms and video calls, it is possible to chat with strangers, since the app allows guests to invite other people as well and communicate with people who are close to you and who are using the app.

If you want to protect your privacy and security, you can modify the latter from the settings. In this way, you will block the entrance to your room by non-guests and you must confirm the request they can enter. You can also turn off the camera and microphone if you want to stay hidden.

Anyway, if the person you want to enter is a ” friend of a friend” you will be able to see it in a notification. If the calls are between two people, both of you must confirm the start of the video call.

To start a video chat you just have to enter the app and you will already be connected, you just have to wait for a friend to be too to start. You can search for someone who is online by pressing on the camera that you have at the top right of the screen.

It also stands out for the fun and simple games it has:

  • Heads Up!: You must guess what the card on your forehead is about with the clues your friends give you.
  • Trivia: questions and answers by time, where the person who wins the fastest will win.
  • Chips and Guac: word association game.
  • Quick Draw !: You must make a drawing and the others guess what it is about.

As you can see, it is very simple to chat with random or random people on HouseParty, you just have to search for a user who is online. If you have questions about the tutorial, leave it down in the comments.

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