The 16 best WhatsApp MODs for Android

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WhatsApp MOD

Listed with the best Android WhatsApp MODs to talk with your friends, customers with more privacy options, customization and anti-ballistic measures to always take advantage of their advantages.

We all use WhatsApp and surely you have ever wanted to have more features and improvements. Your contacts do not see you online or do not see the double blue check of reading the message. It is possible to send larger videos or different file formats. The interface colors are different and fully customizable with stickers.

You can use two phone numbers with two different WhatsApps. All this is possible using MODs, which are nothing more than versions modified or hacked by some developers (without WhatsApp permission, Clear). In some cases, you will have to uninstall your original app to install one of these MODs, but don’t worry because doing a previous backup, you don’t have to lose any data.

Alternatives to WhatsApp with extra functions in the form of MODs

In the following list, you will be able to find a good handful of tricked versions of WhatsApp. Nor is there an excess of originality, almost all do the same with nuances. Perhaps the fundamental thing is that they work and your account is not suspended or canceled, but keep in mind that this risk always exists when you are using an unofficial app.

Whatsapp plus

Whatsapp plus

It is one of the best known MODs among users of Android users and its latest antiban version works perfectly. It offers numerous advantages over the original version, both in terms of security and privacy and when sending and receiving multimedia files. On the one hand, it allows you to hide the Online status while using the app. Hide the blue checks that indicate that you have read a message. There are many more extra functions in this regard, such as hiding the recording of video or audio messages, that is, you can hide that from “Manolito is recording an audio …”. On the other hand, you can send more file formats and larger, up to 50MB. It was created by an Alicante and has suffered a ban that led to the emergence of new MODs.


It is practically the same app as WhatsApp Plus with a single, but important, difference. It allows you to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone, which has been its great attraction during all this time. It does this by allowing you to install WhatsApp Plus and this MOD simultaneously. It may be one of the most desired functions among regular users and this MOD makes it possible. It also adds aesthetic themes, to add to what WhatsApp Plus already included: more privacy options and new possibilities for sending files. You can secure conversations with passwords.


This MOD is created by Yousef Al Basha and brings a huge amount of new settings. You have the usual improvements in privacy issues, notifications and files, but also a large number of additional settings for fonts, colors … A true, complete customization kit. As usual, you will have to get rid of your original version of WhatsApp.


It is from the same family as WhatsApp Plus and OGWhatsApp, that is, the same developer, therefore many identical functions and the latest version prepared to jump Facebook’s limitations with the MODs. To start the one that allows you to use two numbers on the same phone, and additionally the rest of both. You can configure colors, fonts, download themes, adjust settings for notifications and checks, privacy issues, send more files and larger.

Soula WhatsApp

Its development is part of the Plus family, the OG and the GB. Still, there are some changes, especially in terms of available themes and customization of icons used in the app. For example, the launch icon or the notification icon. It allows sending audios of up to 100MB and videos of up to 700MB.


A quite practical and functional MOD, which respects the original interface first and has everything you can ask for. The repository of skins to modify the appearance is the one that almost all clients of this type have with more than 4000 templates, and the most basic privacy functions are present, to highlight the airplane mode: an icon shaped like an airplane in the Chat window will allow you to disconnect only WhatsApp when you do not want to be bothered but if you want to use the Internet.

WhatsApp Transparent

WhatsApp Transparent

It is developed from GBWhatsApp and has the same options. The only change is the aesthetic one. The interface is completely transparent by default. You have to get used because everything can be a bit chaotic. You can always go to the settings and download any of the extra themes available.

WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix is ​​a version of WhatsApp that initially used a romantic theme for the interface. Over time they have been transformed into one more MOD to use the light blue as the basic color, redesign some icons and redistribute some functions. Beyond that appearance, we find another WhatsApp vitaminized in privacy and file sharing based on the OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on duty.

FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Mokdad is a prolific developer of WhatsApp MODs. This FMWhatsApp, very similar to YOWhatsApp, respects the original aesthetics at the beginning, but as everyone on the list allows you to configure even the smallest detail if you go to the settings. It is one of the most updated, so you can expect new versions with antiban functions such as those that have been added recently.

NSWhatsApp 3D

Nairton Silva is the penultimate developer involved in the feat of offering a WhatsApp MOD that meets the wishes of the users. There is no big news regarding the rest of the options. Its MOD is based on YOWhatsApp with a striking orange color as the most noticeable difference.

WhatsApp + JiMODs

It is a MOD of Yousef Al-Basha with the most common and aesthetic Yomods functions that are updated periodically. You can customize colors, fonts, font sizes, hide your different connection states but continue seeing those of your contacts, send larger and uncompressed files to arrive with the original quality … All the battery of typical improvements in this class of developments. There is nothing new, but in case of failure of the rest of the alternatives, you should know that it is still working.

WhatsApp Begal

WhatsApp of first seems a MOD more. However, if you take a look, you will see that there are quite a few differences compared to the rest of the MODs since other completely different developers make it. Everything seems normal, but if you look, there is a new icon in the interface that gives access to new options. Here there are no skins to install, but all adjustments are made by hand. It is one of the MODs that allows sending larger files and has an interesting tool for cutting videos, ideal for our status in the app.

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero

In this case, we are facing a MOD with important differences at the graphic level. WhatsApp Aero redesigns the entire Chats window, to the point of making the status and calls almost invisible (you can also access them by sliding your finger across the screen from right to left and vice versa). In addition to that, the aspect of the options menu is very striking, very different from what we are used to and much more visual or the skins repository, which is different from the one that handles the vast majority of MODs.


BRIWhatsApp is a modification created by BSEWAMODS that also remains operational. Here the aesthetic part remains true to the original and the options to modify it are reduced. The most striking is the 3D effects it offers and the Multtext tool to generate text automatically. Privacy options are reduced.


This version offers the main settings that are sought in a WhatsApp MOD, but not as many as those that can be made with the rest of the options on the list. So why add it? Because of its main feature, which is none other than safeguarding space on your smartphone and resources. It is about having a lighter version, regardless of extra adjustments, such as those of the aesthetic type. A good alternative if you have space or hardware limitations.


The biggest novelty of this MOD is its interface, in which it applies some striking red colors. In any case, it can be changed following the usual pattern in all MODs through the settings, where you can find hundreds of different. There are not many more to tell, beyond what is important: it works perfectly at the moment, which is already a lot considering the waves of banns that users of this type of apps suffer. Its creator is Ali Al-Zaabi.

The best WhatsApp MODs for Android

In the list, you have seen which are the indispensable MODs. In our opinion, it does not mean that they are all, much less! The list is almost endless, so we recommend you stop by to download the best WhatsApp MODs for Android of the moment, with the latest ones, the most updated versions or any other MOD related to our favorite messaging app.

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