How to Delete WhatsApp Data from iPhone

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delete whatsapp data from iphone

Whether you have the latest smartphone model available on the market or the most obsolete mobile phone that exists, it does not matter: in both cases, in fact, the probability that the most famous application in the world is installed in your device is equal to the certainty that in right now you are reading this article. phone futuristic or Android retrograde? the differences will be innumerable, but one thing will be identical: on both mobile phones WhatsApp will not be missing. Ideal to reach anyone anywhere, perfect for exchanging any type of content, this application is the most downloaded and used in the world.

How to delete WhatsApp data from iPhone?

Among other things, with the advent of new technologies, to keep up with the times and keep up to date has become almost necessary to be in possession of a smartphone. Precisely for this reason, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not own a smartphone. Today’s mobile phones also allow you to manage various applications, exchange instant messages, take photos, record videos and much more! However, no app is as convenient and accessible as WhatsApp and this makes it indispensable. backup WhatsApp on iPhone ». Are you part of the second group? Want to find out the fastest and most efficient way to delete a WhatsApp backup on iPhone? Perfect – just take a few minutes to read this guide to find out everything you need to know. Enjoy the reading!

You will need:

  • iPhone
  • Whatsapp
  • iCloud account

delete whatsapp data from iphone

What is a WhatsApp backup?

The high functionality of WhatsApp makes it possible to exchange the most diverse contents with anyone: from text messages to photos, videos and notes. This, sometimes, causes the memory overload of the mobile device on which WhatsApp is installed. The best way to remedy the problem seems to be to create a backup in which to store all the data related to the application. In fact, a backup is nothing but all the content of the conversations that WhatsApp allows to collect and keep. The accumulation of conversations, the exchange of photos, videos and voice messages, however, can in the long run take up a lot of memory on the mobile phone. This context determines a specific need: delete previously saved WhatsApp backups. Fortunately, iOS devices offer a wide range of options to users.

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Delete WhatsApp conversations manually

For example, if you want to eliminate certain compromising or secret conversations, to prevent someone from reading them, you must first click on the WhatsApp application, go to “Chat” and scroll with your finger from right to left on the name of the contact to delete or on the conversation to be deleted. Click now on “Other” and then on “Delete chat” to remove the contact and the whole conversation or on “Cancel chat” to delete only the conversation and keep the contact between the various chats. This manual option allows you to delete at your discretion only certain WhatsApp chats, so you can easily have the conversations you want to keep.

Cancel WhatsApp backup via iCloud

You should know that when you create a WhatsApp backup, it is automatically saved on iCloud, the Apple cloud that allows you to store content for free for up to 5 GB of space. In the event that the WhatsApp backup that you previously saved takes up an excessive amount of memory on iCloud, it may be necessary to delete the saved contents. To permanently remove the WhatsApp archive from iCloud and free the memory on the phone, you will have to manage the operation not from the WhatsApp application, but from the main screen of the iPhone, through which it will be necessary to access the window relating to the general settings of the iPhone.

Once you open the settings screen, you will see various panels, such as “airplane use”, “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi”. Scrolling down, you will find the item «iCloud», which, if clicked, will allow you to proceed with the cancellation of the WhatsApp backup. Press the “iCloud” button, you will have to select the “Archive” item, through which you will view all the data saved on iCloud. To edit the contents, click the “Manage archive” item, then “WhatsApp”, “Edit” and, finally, “Delete data”.

Disable the automatic backup of WhatsApp

Sometimes it may happen that a WhatsApp backup is automatically saved on iCloud. This occurs when the option that regulates the periodic backup of the contents related to the application has been previously selected via WhatsApp. If, after deleting all the WhatsApp backups via iCloud, you wish to deactivate the setting that regulates its periodic execution, all you have to do is go to the WhatsApp settings screen and, within the “Backup” item, press the “never” button. This will avoid the automation of WhatsApp backups on iCloud, but will not prevent you, if you need it, from proceeding to create a WhatsApp backup manually.

Check the space obtained after the automatic backup has been deleted.

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