How to Make an Anonymous Call? (Also From Landline)

how to make an anonymous call

Very often it happens that we want to call from a different number or even make anonymous calls with our cell phone, which is hiding our number from the people we want to call. This is for multiple reasons: privacy, confidentiality, distrust or surprise. The anonymous calls are very useful to prevent our phone number to be visible to unwanted people, who could use it without our consent. There are various ways to be able to make an anonymous phone and in the following steps, we will explain how to make an anonymous call.

How to make an anonymous call?

First of all, we must verify that there is no option on our phone that blocks anonymous calls: to do this, go to the settings menu and select the “calls” section. Once checked that nothing prevents us from managing the calls, we leave this section leaving the parameters unchanged.

how to make an anonymous call


Once this first operation has been performed, we can make our anonymous call simply by entering a code. The code in question is “pound thirty-one pound”, in symbols # 31 #. It must be entered before the contact number we want to call. Attention: if we do not enter the code correctly we will not obtain anonymity and our number will be visible. For this reason, we check carefully before calling. To make sure that our phone or service provider supports this functionality, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary test by calling our home phone or the cell phone of a friend who is aware of the facts.

The call

Once we have entered the “pound thirty-one pound” code and the telephone number to call, just press the green handset symbol as usual. A call from a “private number” will reach our recipient. Code # 31 # allows us to choose from time to time whether to make an anonymous call or not; if we want all our calls to guarantee us anonymity, we will have to change the call settings from the main menu of the phone.

Permanent anonymous phone calls

The second method to make anonymous calls is to change the settings: we will have to select the “call” section from our menu. At this point, we will have to go to the “other settings” option and from here, selecting “Call-ID”, we will be able to choose “hide number”. Once the operation is performed, all calls made by us will be anonymous and our number will no longer be visible to any contact.

This option is reversible and to eliminate anonymity, just perform the previous operation but deselecting the “hide number” item.

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Make anonymous calls from landline

how to make an anonymous call

To make an anonymous call via cell phone is very simple. In fact, just type the code # 31 # before dialing the number to call, without forgetting the area code, for example. 347, 340, 333 …, and start the call, for example. # 31 # 34966xxxxx.

In this way, the wording “private number” or “unknown number” will appear on the recipient’s display and your number will be totally hidden and the risk of being identified or intercepted will be almost zero.

The game of anonymous mobile phone calls is quite popular and is known more or less to everyone, young and old.

On the contrary, that of anonymous landline calls is a little less known, but it is an equally simple procedure. In fact, even in this case, just enter a code before typing the number to call, and this code is “67”.

Make a phone call using the anonymity code

As soon as the code “67” has been entered, it will be possible to notice that, after a couple of rings, the “free line” signal, that is the classic sound emitted by any telephone in call, better known as “beep beep”, will turn into a single prolonged sound, in the long run even a little annoying.

The appearance of this unpleasant sound is the signal that the code has been received and that it is now possible to dial the telephone number of the person you want to contact, without forgetting to enter the prefix, with the certainty that the receiver, whether it is on landline or mobile phone, you will not be able to view our personal data, if by chance we are part of your address book, or more simply our number.

Of course, compared to using a mobile device, you need to lend a little more attention when dialing the number. In fact, should you make a mistake typing a digit, you will have to hang up and start again.

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