How to update apps on ios 13

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how to update apps on ios 13

An iOS 13 allows, without any effort, to recover precious storage space. With the arrival of iOS 13, however, everything has changed regarding updates. The updates tab has disappeared and has been replaced by Apple Arcade. For this reason, many users have been surprised, not knowing how to do this anymore. In fact, for the updates, it is necessary to carry out a totally different procedure. By reading this short tutorial, you can have some useful tips and correct information on how you can update apps on iOS 13.

How to update apps on ios 13?

Before accessing the iOS App Store, you need to perform some operations. You need to connect the iPhone to the internet via Wi-FiWi-Fi or data network. Next, you have to go to the iOS settings menu. Then, you have to press on the Wi-FiWi-Fi item and move the lever to ON. This way, you can connect to your home network. To access the iOS App Store, you need to log in with your account. To do this, just press the Settings icon, located on the iOS home screen. At this point, in the next screen, click on the item Log in. Finally, by typing in your Apple ID and your password, you log in to your account.

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Manual Update

The first thing to do is to start the iOS App Store by pressing the icon, a white A on a blue background. It is located on the Home screen. Then, you have to click on the thumbnail of your profile picture. At this point in the new screen called to account, you need to identify the apps to update. Now you have to manually update by pressing the Update button or the one called to update all. In the latter case, it is possible to mass update all the apps that need it. They are indicated next to Recent Updates.

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Automatic Update

If you choose automatic update, you need to start the iOS Settings app (gear symbol) by tapping on the icon located on the Home screen. After performing this operation in the next screen, you must press on the iTunes Store and Apple Store item. Then you have to move the lever that is located in correspondence with the App Updates item to ON. This activates the app update function. The latter will automatically update as soon as your device connects to a Wi-FiWi-Fi network.

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