What to think of when designing an ecommerce website

Having your business website designed is an incredibly exciting time. Working with Ecommerce Web Design Dublin companies allows you to not only have a beautifully designed website but to have a platform that will let you sell your products directly to your customers. Here are a few things that you should think about before getting started.

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Design – thinking about the design of your website should be first and foremost and this includes looking at the colours and layout that you use. By knowing your customer market you can utilise colours and layouts that will appeal to them.

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Checkout – a checkout system turns a standard website into an ecommerce tool. There are lots of providers and some of these are available as add ons to wordpress sites. This includes woocommerce. Other options are to use an ecommerce website platform such as shopify. Your web designer will be able to talk you through the benefits and disadvantages of all the options that are available to you.

Images – in order for a customer to choose the products that they want to buy they need to have a description that clearly explains what the product is and some great images that show what it looks like. These could be in locations in which they are going to be used or technical images of the breakdown of the products.

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