What does ctrl+w do in Windows and Mac OS?

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What does ctrl+w do

We all have those moments when we sit down to use our computer and find ourselves lost. What does ctrl+w do? How do I undo a file deletion? Or how can I access my home folder from here? These are just some of the questions that may be running through your head at this moment. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of starting up your Mac for beginners, as well as provide tips on troubleshooting basic computer problems for intermediate users. We’re confident you’ll be able to feel more comfortable using your own device in no time!

What does ctrl+w do?

What does ctrl+w do

ctrl+w is the keyboard shortcut for closing the currently open window. For example, suppose you have two Finder windows open and are looking at your Computer directory in the left window. In that case, ctrl+w will close only the rightmost window (the one showing your Computer directory). You can also use this command to close web pages in your browser.

It’s important to note that ctrl+w does not close the entire application. If you are on a webpage, it will only bring you back to your desktop or Finder, depending on how your browser is configured.

Why should I use ctrl+w to close a tab?

Different browsers use different shortcuts to close a tab. Using ctrl+w will ensure that you don’t accidentally click the x on the tab, which would end up closing your entire browser window!

When should I use ctrl+w to close a tab instead of just clicking on the x in the corner?

If you are looking at any kind of input (like a text entry field), clicking on the x will delete your input. Using ctrl+w will ensure that you don’t accidentally delete your work!

Tips for closing tabs more efficiently:

ctrl+w is a great way to close tabs, but it can also be used to open new ones! If you need to open another tab quickly, simply press ctrl+t and the tab will appear. You can use this shortcut in most browsers as well as Finder windows. How do I change date and time settings?

Use of ctrl+w in Mac OS

X is limited to closing windows, tabs and optionally quitting the current application. The only way you can enter numbers or symbols not on your keyboard is by pressing fn+ctrl+F1-F12 (fn stands for function).

If you would like to close a single tab as opposed to multiple, simply hold down the command key and press ​ 1-9 on your keyboard for each tab you want to close. Holding down shift will allow you to select multiple tabs at once!


Ctrl+w is a great shortcut to use and remember! It can be used to close windows, tabs, and even applications, depending on your settings. Knowing how to efficiently manage the various files, you have open will help you become more proficient as a computer user.

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