Get Even season 2: When does it release?

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Get Even season 2

From the United Kingdom, the popular series Get Even (Thirst for revenge in Spanish) arrives on our Netflix platform. Which will brighten up all your nights with its teen drama and suspense fiction. A Lucy Martin production adapted from Gretchen McNeil’s book of the same name. Many of us already want to know if there will be Get Even season 2.

With the narrative of a group of women who will keep us intrigued in each of the scenes within the institute. Join us to discover more of the mysteries of the fantastic Get Even series and, let’s get to know at once when Get Even season 2 premieres. Keep reading: Sword Art Online season 5

Let’s talk about Get Even

Get Even season 2

The series tells the story of a secret society made up of four companions within the elite private institute. This society was created within the institute after the acronym DGM to discover all the stalkers within the facilities. Soon a stranger will murder one of the stalkers and the girls will be involved in this murder.

On the other hand, girls will have to face some challenges among the typical problems faced by adolescents. From love, exams, identity crises, among others. Without ignoring the danger that entails them, they must investigate the relationships of the boys with their friends. And gain enough trust between them.

Bannerman High School is a beautiful building from the outside. But where internal competition is encouraged to a level of cruelty in harassment, it is almost common and accepted by the place. The struggles and confrontations by those who do not have the qualities to shine are insistent. Something that is undoubtedly supported by the teachers.

When does Get Even season 2 release?

Although the British series Get Even has been well received by viewers. Above all, for the youth audience, we expected to receive the announcement of the renewal of Get Even season 2 soon. However, so far, we have not had any official renewal announcements on any of the streaming services. In fact, it has not been announced if there will be season 2 or not.

Therefore, we must say that there is no release date for Get Even season 2 as of yet. However, be sure to visit us to be the first to know about the premiere of a second season. At the moment, enjoy the first season of Get Even.

In the final episodes of Get Even we will see the girls being punished for a disaster committed in the gym. Given this, they will take the opportunity to spend quality time and then continue in the fight for justice. They will then receive serious news from Kitty. At the same time, the future of society is unknown.

As you can see, the story leaves a door open for the continuation of a second and even third season. Hopefully, Netflix will renew the series soon to continue enjoying this incredible story.

Cast of Get Even

The surprising cast of actors in Get Even has managed to sympathize with the public in each of the scenes. Since it is a youthful cast with great popularity in the television industry and there is no doubt that the boys have stood out in their interpretations in the series.

Here is the main cast of Get Even:

  • Jessica Alexander as: Olivia Hayes
  • Danny Griffin as: Shane
  • Mia Mckenna- Bruce as: Bree Deringe
  • Kit Clarke as: Logan
  • Emily Carey as: Mika Cavanaugh
  • Bethany Antonia as: Margot Rivers
  • Kim Adis as: Kitty Wei
  • Joe Ashman as: Rex Cavanaugh
  • Razan nassar as: Amber
  • Chris J Gordon as: Teacher

Tell us in the comments if you would like to see a 2 season of Get Even.

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