How does SEO work

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SEO is made up of a number of different methods that all work to the same common goal which is to have your website appear high up in the search engine rankings, whether this is on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Everytime people search on the internet they are typing in keywords or phrases that relate to the products or services that they are looking for and it is these keywords that will help to improve your SEO rank.

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By incorporating the common keywords for your products and services into the text on your website the psearch engine crawlers will recognise that your business is somehow linked with the product or service. If your site is well designed and built and you have interesting content on there, the search engine may move you up the rankings accordingly. A SEO Agency Belfast way such as will be able to provide you with more information as to how this works.

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Incorporating keywords into your website text and ensuring that technical areas are also completed correctly such as your page titles, meta descriptions and your headings, is called on page optimisation. In some cases it may also be known as technical SEO. Off page SEO looks at providing your website with backlinks and this is usually done through providing articles and useful pieces of content that can be placed on other websites with a link in the text back to a URL on your website.

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