How to update bios settings in Windows Operating system

how to update bios

The BIOS are one of the most important systems of any computer. It is the basic system that allows the computer and the operating system itself to work while it is turned on. Because of this, it is a fundamental system, and it is convenient to have it updated correctly. However, because of this importance, it is also essential that you update correctly and always using the official links of the manufacturer’s pages of the computer in question.

Therefore, it is easy to ask how to update the BIOS of an Asus computer, HP, etc., and do it well. For this reason, we have prepared this article to give you a clear answer if you are wondering: how to update the BIOS of my PC? Keep reading and find out in a few steps.

How to update bios settings?

how to update bios

BIOS is a name formed by the initials of the English expression Basic Input/Output System (Basic input and output system).

It is a system that is activated when the computer is turned on and whose main function is to connect the computer’s processor with the hardware’s input and output devices (keyboard, screen, hard disk, etc.). Likewise, it is also the system that is responsible for loading the operating system into the processor when the computer is turned on, so, as you can see, it is a basic and fundamental system.

Why it is important to update the BIOS of a computer

Updating the BIOS of a computer will allow it to work better and, in many cases, faster. Also, it is also important to bear in mind that, like any other update that is carried out, it allows solving problems or deficiencies of the previous version. In this sense, updating the BIOS of a computer must be understood in the same way that an operating system or a program of any other type can be updated.

However, it should also be borne in mind that, due to the basic nature of this system, its updating cannot be carried out in the usual way in which other programs are updated, so that, although it is essentially an action similar, requires more care when doing it.

How to update my PC’s BIOS

To update the BIOS of a PC, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Start” icon that appears next to the Windows logo in the lower left part of the screen.
  2. Next, open “System Information” and type “msinfo” in the start window and click on the upper part of it, where it says “System Information.”
  3. There it looks for the name of your PC and points the numbers and letters that appear next to this since it is the computer model with which you count. You will need this information later, so it is important to point it out and have it on hand outside the PC itself. In the part that says “Version and date of BIOS” the name of your computer will appear, followed by a period and a number. The number that appears after the point is the BIOS version of your PC, so you should also point it.
  4. Go to the support page of your computer model. This is usually achieved by writing all the previous information followed by the word “BIOS” in Google, where different links to official pages should appear. Find the support page that fits your PC model.
  5. Find the newest BIOS version for your computer. In this step, it is common to have to first go through different pages of the links on the support page (updates, support, downloads, etc.). It is a process that can be slow, but in the end, it will take us where we want.

To know if the BIOS that you are going to download (always for your computer model) is more updated than the one you have, it will be enough to compare it with the number of your own BIOS. If the number of the new version is higher, then it means that it is a newer version so that it will be useful for the update. Likewise, the BIOS names can appear with decimals or subversions, for example, the number of your BIOS followed by a period and another number. In this case, it will also be a more updated BIOS if it is a larger number than your computer.

Finally, download the BIOS file that interests you and runs it on your computer. Most will be downloaded as a ZIP folder but, once this folder is opened, it will be able to run normally without problems and the BIOS update process will be done.

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