These tips will make your members feel valued

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When it comes to managing membership organisations, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day operations that affect any business. This means it’s also easy to lose sight of what actually matters most – the members themselves – who want to feel valued above all else. Here are our top five tips for doing just that.

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1. Make Everything about Members

One of the easiest ways to make members feel valued is to make them feel that they are at the heart of everything you do. Use member-centric language in your literature (words like us, we and our) and treat all members equally, regardless of their size or membership level.

2. Be Helpful

You are there for your members, which means, if they have a problem, you should be there to help them, and this help should be given willingly. Try to be proactive when it comes to helping. If you’re asking members to complete forms, for example, look at ways to help them by pre-populating fields or providing administrative support.

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3. Respond to Questions

No matter how organised you are and how well informed your members might be, there will always be a need to answer questions. Make sure you have clear processes for how members should contact you, and then let them know you’ve received their message and when they should expect to hear back from you. Use membership management systems such as those offered by to help you manage member communications.

5. Add Value

Thanks to the internet, members can communicate with each other and find out the information they need through multiple sources, so you need to add value to their membership. This might be an offer of free shipping, gift certificate or a discount on membership renewal. If you can’t offer financial rewards, show your appreciation through a letter or recognition, or in your newsletter, membership magazine or website.

5. Be Honest

Members will look to you for information and advice and will use this to inform their decision making, which is why it’s important you are open and honest with them, even if the message you’re sending isn’t one they might want to hear. If you aren’t sure about something, let them know and tell them you’ll get back to them; don’t give out misleading information.

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