How to delete your information from the Internet

How to delete your information from the Internet

Internet is one of the best innovation of the 21st century. With his arrival, the digital revolution began, which has helped us to evolve and transform our way of communicating and connecting. However, with the development of the Internet, our exposure has also grown, since day after day, we use social networks, forums, blogs, or fill out multiple online forms to. For example, book tickets or subscribe to a publication.

All this makes us vulnerable users who share their data every day. Do you want to know how to remove your information from the Internet?

The use of personal data on the Internet

The Internet is a powerful tool that we use daily. It has changed our way of relating and communicating, has transformed the markets and has contributed to improving our day to day. However, it also has its cons.

How to delete your information from the Internet

Every day we provide the network with a large amount of personal information, much more than we can imagine, which is stored little by little and can be exposed or available to anyone at any time.

In addition to social networks, blogs, or forums, many pages require us to include our data to register or subscribe to it. Have you thought about how many times you have added your personal information on the Internet, whether to buy, access an online site or download a document? If you stop to think about the times in which you expose your data, you will realize that this information is browsing freely through the network and can be available too many.

Our relationship with the network is close, daily, and continuous. Therefore, it is important to reflect on how we relate to it, to minimize our exposure and protecting to minimize your information from the Internet – The use of personal data on the Internet.

Methods to remove personal information from the Internet

Surely on more than one occasion, you have asked yourself: can your personal information be deleted from Google? The answer is affirmative: it is possible to make your data disappear from the Internet, although it is a task that takes time and work.

Address, telephone, full name, account number … These are some of the most sensitive data that should not circulate freely over the Internet, given that anyone could access it. To ensure your peace of mind, besides having professional services, you can follow some steps so that the most relevant personal information about you can disappear from the network, such as those that we will explain below.

Delete your personal Internet information from the search engines

The first step to eliminate your data from the Internet is to do it directly from the search engines that you use the most. Google, Bing, or Yahoo, among others, have, among their tools, the possibility of deleting personal information. These online search engines allow you to get rid of such data provided that the requirements established by these companies are met. Guarantee the privacy rights of users.

Likewise, there are judicial sentences that force these search engines to eliminate search results if requested by their users, provided that the circumstances support it.

Erase your trace of social networks

Currently, social networks are the channel for greater personal exposure by users, and controlling them is not an easy task. If you do not want to have a presence on the network, you should deactivate or eliminate all social networks, so the search engines would not index them in the first place.

Erase your trace of social networks

If what you want is to eliminate a specific content, the safest way is to do it through the attention to the user of each application. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn are some of the most used by Internet users and, therefore, those who expose your personal data the most.

Delete your personal data from other websites

If having deleted the results of search engines still feel that there is personal data displayed on the Internet, the next step will be to remove this information from any website. You can do it by contacting the site or the company that has your data and request that they eliminate it in a period of up to 10 days by law.

You can also unsubscribe from subscriptions or newsletters whenever you want or access these services as long as the company guarantees you comply with the data protection law.

In case you do not remember if you have created an account or you have registered on a website, you can track your information online to locate it and, thus, be able to eliminate it. The procedure is simple: write your name or your email in any search engine, using the quotes, and among its results, you will see all the sites that contain important or relevant information about you.

Companies that delete data from the Internet

If you want to make sure that all your personal information has disappeared from the Internet, do not hesitate to contact professionals and specialists. Among the services offered are:

  • Removal of personal information
  • Clear data from Google whether personal or brand
  • Remove data from social networks and forums

Reach agreements with media if they favor giving a bad reputation of your person, company, or brand.

Comments, videos, photographs, personal information in the media, delete your name from the search engines … Removing your trail on the Internet is possible if you have the best specialists.

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