How to create your own ‘stickers’ for WhatsApp

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How to create your own 'stickers' for WhatsApp

If you have a mobile with Android, you can create your stickers in a couple of steps to be able to import them to WhatsApp and use them in your chats. Everyone likes stickers. In this article, how to create your own stickers for WhatsApp. 

How to create your own ‘stickers’ for WhatsApp

How to create your own 'stickers' for WhatsApp

The stickers have reached WhatsApp and are now available to everyone. At the moment the available packs are quite scarce, but little by little and as it happened with Telegram, more and more packs with different memes are arriving, although the way to install it is still a bit rudimentary and only allows to save a sticker each time when they are shared in a chat.

On the other hand, the installation of stickers in WhatsApp through iOS requires external applications that only serve to install the stickers, without having any other functionality, which ends up making the process worse.

However, the fact that it works through external applications allows us to create our personalized Stickers packs very easily, so that anyone can create their Stickers for WhatsApp in a simpler way, if possible, than in Telegram, by what is something to take into account.

It is very simple

It is very simple

The process to create stickers for WhatsApp is very simple. We only need a set of images without background. It is the typical PNG that is usually used for memes. In the case of wanting to upload our images, add a photo editor to remove the background and give it the concrete form: PNG or webp with a maximum weight of 100 KB and a size of 512×512 pixels. It is an additional one for the gallery of maximum 50 KB and 96×96 pixels.

Once we had a set of images or a loose image without a background and trimmed to our liking, it is time to convert it to Sticker. In this step, we need yes or yes to use a third party application that is the one that generates the pack and allows us to transfer it to WhatsApp. There are several applications for this task, but the most simple and Android is Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, free in the Google store.

Sticker for WhatsApp

Once downloaded, the application will ask for access to the gallery to import our images. We must bear in mind that, by default, it will only show the images to which we have removed the background and have the format suitable to become stickers So, if you are in the situation that no image is shown, it is not You have no compatible

The steps are the following:

  • Find the images you want to turn into stickers or save the ones you see on the network.
  • Remove the background and give the desired shape in an image editor.
  • Save the resulting image in your gallery.
  • Import the image to Personal Stickers for WhatsApp. The app will only accept images whose format is correct.
    Generate your sticker pack and import it from the app to WhatsApp.

When you have uploaded the images to the application, it will generate a link that will import our sticker pack to WhatsApp. As simple as that. And the best part is that once inside the application, our friends can store our stickers to use them inside their chats.

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