10 Best Essay Writing Apps

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An interesting writing normally beats logic, have a good order and is normally well organized. There are a number of applications that can help you achieve this kind of a writing. Most of this software ate compatible with a number of systems like the IOS, android, Mac windows among others. Here are 10 recommendations from the best scholarship writers:

Pro Writing Aid

This a cloud computing app that provides copywriting and editing services. It can be used with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Goggle Docs, Chrome and API.


This app helps identify and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It’s an online app that an also be used to check for plagiarism and it’s recommended for any blogger, scholar, author or content seller. The app can be used on Mac, Windows, Android, Apple or Chrome plugin systems.

Free Mind

This an app that helps you come with well outlined diagram. While working with free mind, you can easily track the progress of your work including minor objectives and the time expenditure for each section. It can help you find solution to problems and hand and identified open essays and the status of those essays. Free mind has a data saving system (Data Encryption Standard).

Simple Note

This will offer you simple and clean uncharged services. It allows you to save the smallest hints that you may get and it has a backup system which allows you to retrieve all your notes at any time. It supports markdown which helps you format your notes quite easily. Simple note is well supported by Android, Web, Apple, Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

Liber Office Writer

This software allows you to access and edit you work at any time. It helps keep your work clean and neat with the right format enabling you to drive your energy towards the main content.


Best for creating awesome layouts for magazines, posters, reports or newspapers. It allows you to edit many documents at a go and has ICC features and unique tools for editing.

Focus Writer

An uncharged software used as a word processor and supported by Windows and Mac systems. It enables you to write and save the document as an RFT. It also offers live word and character counts.


A free writing app with 60 mb space that’s highly recommended for companies without servers. It’s good especially when dealing with hand written work.


A free graphic and pictorial app.


A free software that helps bond two things together by use of colour codes. It helps out create awesome images and acts as a mind-map.


This is a very popular diary like app that can give you a writing platform with a smart keyboard, sidebars awesome layout and a synching system.


A software that offers a blank writing page and a unique click-clack and a spelling checker word formatting tool and a sharing system.


Most recommended for essays, and most literary. It spots grammatical and misspellings and hence very good for editing and proofreading.

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