What to watch on your everyday devices

With streaming services and video platforms now available on almost all of your devices, you can watch whatever you like, whenever you like. What should you watch on them though? While you can watch literally anything on any of your devices, some are certainly more ideal than others in different areas.

Here’s what to watch on each of your devices.

Major movies: your TV

No one is telling you not to watch a space fantasy movie on your phone, but are you actually getting the experience that those who created the movie intended when you do so? Watching important movies, especially ones that you’ve not watched before, should certainly be saved for the TV where possible. Some would even argue that the first time you see a huge blockbuster should, in fact, be on the big screen itself.

TV shows: your laptop

Ironically, the best place to watch TV shows is not your TV. TV shows often don’t require a bigger screen like some movies do, as no one particularly needs a super-large screen to watch reality TV or a show they’ve watched hundreds of times. Therefore, your laptop is the perfect middle ground. It’s big enough to watch comfortably, but means you can seamlessly take your shows from the living room, to the kitchen, to your bed if you wish to do so.

There are so many good laptops out there, all you need to do is browse through a website such as Lenovo.com and see what you want.

Internet videos: your tablet

In the last decade, entertainment on the internet has boomed. Many now choose this form of entertainment on sites such as YouTube, over more traditional forms of entertainment.

You can easily find a channel that suits your interests and it’s clear why people get into certain genres. The ideal device to watch these sorts of videos on is definitely your tablet. Many of these videos can be watched quite passively but still have a visual element to them.

It’s for this reason that your tablet is the perfect device for them. You can carry it almost everywhere and listen along, but it has a screen that’s big enough to watch when you need to. 

Anything else: your phone 

Your phone is so convenient but you don’t want to get into the habit of watching all your entertainment on it. Not only do you likely spend enough time looking at it anyway, not much has been designed with the small screen of your phone in mind.

You can, however, watch whatever you want on it, making it the perfect device for everything in between the types of entertainment listed above. From news clips to movie trailers, there are so many times where you’ll want to watch a quick video, no matter where you are. This is where your phone truly shines as it gives you access from almost any location.

Ultimately, whatever device you feel comfortable with can be used to watch anything, but if you want the best experience, some are just better than others in certain areas.

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