What Is The Clear Screen, And Why You Should Use It

Clear Screen

In today’s world, it feels like there are more screens than ever before. But what if I told you that the clear screen is a whole new type of screen that eliminates glare and keeps your display looking crystal clear?

What is the Clear Screen?

The clear screen is a great way to keep your computer organized and tidy. It helps you see all of your open windows at a glance and makes it easy to find the one you’re looking for. Plus, it can help prevent accidentally closing a window you didn’t mean to.

Why use a clear screen?

You might want to use the clear screen function on your computer for several reasons. Sometimes, it can help you get a better view of what you’re working on. In other cases, it can help you focus on a particular task by eliminating distractions.

Here are some specific situations where the clear screen can be useful:

1. When you’re working on a complicated project and need to focus on the details.

2. When you want a better view of something on your screen.

3. When you want to eliminate distractions and focus on a particular task.

4. When you’re overwhelmed by what’s on your screen and need a fresh start.

5. When you want to show someone else your screen and don’t want them to see everything else that’s going on.

In general, a clear screen can be a helpful tool for getting things done and reducing stress. If your computer doesn’t have a clear screen function, there are plenty of free programs that will add one for you. Give it a try next time you feel overwhelmed or need to focus on something important!

Pros and cons of clear screen

There are many reasons to use a clear screen and just as many reasons not to. So let’s explore some pros and cons of this highly-debated productivity tool.


1. It can help you focus by decluttering your workspace.

2. It can help reduce eye strain.

3. It can make it easier to find things on your screen.


1. It can be disruptive if you’re trying to work with others in the same space.

2. It can make it difficult to find things on your screen if you’re not used to it.

3. It can be a waste of time if you don’t use it effectively.

How to use it?

The Clear Screen is a great way to keep your computer screen clean and organized. It can be used to clear away clutter or simply make your desktop more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips on how to use the Clear Screen effectively:

-To clear away clutter, click on the Clear Screen icon and select the area of your screen that you want to clear. The selected area will then be cleared away, leaving you with a clean and organized desktop.

-To make your desktop more aesthetically pleasing, try using different background images or colours for the Clear Screen. You can also add icons or other elements to personalize the look of your desktop.

-If you want to quickly access information on your screen, use the Clear Screen to create a custom shortcut. For example, you can create a shortcut to your favourite website or email program. Simply right-click on the Clear Screen icon and select “Create Shortcut.”

-To learn more about the Clear Screen, right-click on the icon and select “Help.” This will bring up a help file that will provide you with more information on how to use this handy tool.


If you’ve been following along with our blog series on the clear screen command, you should now understand what it does and how to use it. We hope this has been helpful – stay tuned for more Linux tips and tricks!

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