What is smart search in eCommerce?

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Smart search is a technology used on eCommerce websites to improve the experience of users. The purpose of smart site search such as DooFinder is to provide relevant results to shoppers, allowing them to find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily. With smarter search capabilities, users can more easily find exactly the products or information they want when visiting an online store.

What is Smart Search?

Smart search is a type of search that gives you the best possible results based on your query. Smart searches can be used across different types of categories, from clothing and electronics to movies and books. They provide users with the most relevant results possible.

You’re probably familiar with the process of searching for products in eCommerce. The DooFinder is the best example of smart search technology. It allows you to quickly find the product you’re looking for based on keywords, brand name, price range and more.

How does smart site search work?

Smart search is based on machine learning, which means that it uses a database of keywords, product descriptions and images to learn about the products you are looking for. It also uses information from your location, device and search history to improve the results. This means that when you repeat a search term or browse through similar items in a particular category (for example “menswear”). It is a smart site search will respond by showing even better results based on what has been learned over time.

How to use Smart Search?

Using smart search is simple. If you’re looking for a specific product, use your search query as a starting point. For example, if you’re searching for an outdoor hammock chair, searching “outdoor” and then “hammock” should bring up all of the results that include both words in any order.

If you’re still not seeing what you’re looking for, try refining your search with the auto-suggest feature or using filters and facets to narrow down your results even further.

How does the Smart Search benefit an eCommerce website?

The DooFinder Smart Search offers many benefits for eCommerce websites.

  • The first is that it helps users find what they’re looking for faster and more easily. This will increase conversion rates and improve user experience, which can lead to higher revenue per visitor over time.
  • With Smart Search, customers can find exactly what they need without having to sift through a bunch of irrelevant results or look at an endless list of similar items that aren’t quite right.
  • They’re able to quickly narrow down their results by filtering out unhelpful categories and narrowing down the number of options available from thousands down to just a few hundred (or fewer).
  • Customers stay on your site longer because they’re receiving relevant information about what they want and less time spent searching means happier customers!

Smart search functionality

Smart search functionality is a feature that allows users to search for products on your site. This can be done in several ways, such as allowing users to filter results by certain categories or price ranges. When designing smart search features. Keep in mind that customers may have different reasons for searching on your website. Some may be looking for inspiration, while others are on the hunt for specific items they need today and possibly at a discount!


Above all else, smart search is about helping your customers find what they need quickly and easily. It’s about making sure that the products you have listed in your store are easy to find, so people can shop for what they want without having to wade through all of the other stuff on offer.

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