Use Lumen 5 and make amazing videos for YouTube and reach your Goals

make amazing videos for YouTube and reach your Goals

The great growth of youtubers today, makes Lumen 5 grow in demand. This is also because many YouTube do not want to appear. Then Lumen 5 appears as a great alternative.

Certainly, those who blog today would like to have a type of mechanism for making videos. Even well prepared and fast. This is often because not everyone has time to record videos in the studio or does not like to appear on the video.

In fact, this video production is possible and in an easy way where it will allow you a good promotion of what you want. That way the number of access to your content will increase. You will have text and video media circulating on the Net and increasing your reach and facilitating your goals. Lumen 5 is an incredible platform to achieve your goals!

What is the Lumen 5 really?

Lumen 5 is a platform where you can assemble video from photos, images, and writing. So many bloggers use it to produce good quality videos. That way you can have quality videos on YouTube.

More than 250 thousand brands use Lumen 5, having videos made from a blog post. Just throw an article of yours from a Blog and go putting together the design you want, the video will start to be produced.

That is, the blog becomes a video. This is certainly possible due to its great creation of artificial intelligence video. It is even done automatically.

You also have the option to make your own videos and go on writing new videos.

The website has the option to pay the free part. But Lumen 5 is much better in the paid option, because there are more alternatives. However, the free version is also very effective and meets most of the demands. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

How to use the platform

It is not difficult to use the Lumen 5 platform. So, just enter your password and email. After you register, go to the Dashboard option. Then type a blog post. Soon after, Lumen 5 will start working with the content.

The process for this may take the first time, but it will drop to less than half later. So he will start combining videos, photos, and images in the best way.

Certainly, the combinations will be the best possible according to the content presented. This way you will have content that catches the public’s attention on YouTube. Even these videos will be created in a few minutes.

A very important thing is that in the production of the video you have two options. That is, the affiliate link option if you want to advertise a product on a platform. Thus, you also have the option of text, where you just post the text, content made by you.

After this process, just go to Lumen 5 and post the content. However, it is good to choose the video format, which has the option YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Stories, IG TV and Snapchat. Then just choose one of the more than ten themes that Lumen 5 has.

Many files available

For those who want to make a video for YouTube without appearing, it will be good to have many options for editing. So Lumen 5 has millions of files in its library. Inclusive content is free.

With all the features offered, both visual and several important features, you will certainly have the first-rate video. So you have the power of production in your hands, using the image and videos you have.

A storyboard is created by Lumen 5 automatically and it even suggests relevant videos and images. So, just drag and drop the image into the frames.

A wide reach

If your desire is not simply to produce videos without appearing on YouTube, you will have other benefits as well. This is clear from the potential of the Lumen 5 platform. So we have some points like:

  • More than 8 times more reach on Facebook
  • It can reach more than 5 times the number of retweets on Twitter for video. Thus surpassing the image.
  • Videos created with Lumen 5 can increase the chance of buying by more than 60%.

The importance of having a good video on YouTube

According to surveys, online video views will certainly increase by more than 80% by 2022. Therefore, traffic in search of video will increase in a very high and significant way.

Certainly, the power of the video is very high. So it is not for nothing that the content of videos watched both on YouTube, as on Instagram and other networks just grow. Even reaching 1 billion hours on YouTube.

By creating a video on YouTube you will have a better chance to grow. So it is no accident that many professionals watch videos regarding their work. So even without showing up, you can make a difference, using Lumen 5.

Important tips for wanting to create a video on YouTube

You must define the target audience: Yes, this is very important, so it is not enough to have a tool like a Lumen 5. To define the type of audience you want to reach and focus on it. Even using all the knowledge possible to have you subscribed to the channel.

Certainly, if he doesn’t influence who is watching, he probably won’t even watch everything. Which will lessen your strength with Google Algorithms? Always look for videos with good content and excellent aesthetic productions. This will lead to greater audience retention for your videos. Improving his strength with Google, making him understand that his work is of good quality. With that, he organically recommends his video to more people. Learn how to use video descriptions and tags well to define your audience.

Have a good script: This is certainly something very important because it will be lost if you don’t have a base. So you can miss what to say on the spot. However, if you have the details of each part, where the images and speech will enter, you will be organized.

With a well-highlighted and divided script, you will be very organized. So those who are watching will notice the quality and admire the work. Consequently, you will be subscribed to the channel and also promoting it. Even Lumen 5 helps in the main parts

The type of video to be presented: This is very important because here you will have to see what is best for the client. That is, it must meet his needs. So what he expects to contain in the video.

Animated videos or tutorials can be used for example. Thus, data and proof videos should be used in the tutorial. However, videos of news, classes, tips, humor, etc., should be animated.

Video time: Video length really is very important. So it will not be boring to the public. Even videos in which the person does not appear are advised not to exceed 5 minutes. That’s why Lumen 5 has its videos at that time.

When they are tutorial videos they are longer due to several explanatory factors.

Stay tuned on copyright: It’s good to see this because it can cause problems. Look for yourself to create your content. Then look for videos that are free or paid for.

Worth it?

Worth a lot. Video content is on the rise and the trend is only to grow. Finally, the only thing missing is to put into practice what was presented here. However, the results will depend on your commitment and consistency. Furthermore, if you really dedicate yourself and focus on the results, they will come for sure.  So put it into practice and let’s go to the fight.

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