WiDi Full Form: Connect the Computer to the Tv Without Wires

WiDi full form

WiDi Full from is Wireless Display. It allows us to connect our computer to the TV wirelessly. In this way, we can use our TV as if it were the own monitor of our computer, as is normally done with a VGA or HDMI cable. Installing the Intel WiDi Widget on our computer (portable or desktop), we can connect to our WiDi compatible TV and use it as a second monitor.

The advantages of WiDi

Thanks to Intel’s wireless connection we can see on our TV the same as we would see on the computer. There are many who have a computer connected to the TV to enjoy multimedia content, online services and virtually everything that a computer offers. With this wireless connection, we save a cable and, most importantly, we do not need to place the computer near the TV.

What does WiDi mean

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The connectivity between the computer and the TV is automatic, allowing us to connect the devices with a single click. We can use the TV as a monitor of our computer or as a secondary monitor, and in the latter case, we can normally use our computer while we are playing a movie on TV.

Important to note that not only the image is received, the sound also reaches the TV, as is the case with HDMI cables. We can also enjoy multimedia files in Full HD.

The inconveniences

For starters, the biggest problem that arises is the compatibility of the devices with WiDi technology. Our computer must have one of the current Intel chips: i3, i5 or i7. But this does not assure us that it works since only some of the computers that carry these chips are compatible with WiDi.

On the other hand, we must connect to the TV a device that is compatible with WiDi so that it receives the signal. Some companies are betting on this technology and plan to integrate it into their televisions, as was the case with WiFi.

Finally, we must mention the WiDi full form and the quality of the signal. Although surfing the Internet or using a program will not be a complication for WiDi connectivity, when we sit down to watch a movie in Full HD, it will not take long to reconnect everything with cables. While 720p playback is smooth, the same is not true with 1080p playback, which jumps.

The future of this wireless technology will depend basically on two factors: that television manufacturers see it attractive and integrate it into their products. They somehow expand compatible computers with it.

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