Trek Marline a Versatile Mountain Bike Details

Trek Marline a Versatile Mountain Bike

Every once in a while, I come across an entry-level bike that is worth mentioning and today I’m going to discussed Trek Marlin six bicycle and its features pros and cons, and many other things.

So, check this article and get all information about Trek Marlin six.


There is just a need to interrupt it and install the handlebar and you can see the front brake is not attached to the fork.

The earlier I’m moving over. The crackling here is 175 millimeters and an Altus front shifter.

This is a three-by and as you can see the chainrings where he can’t really see, the chainrings are stamped together so you cannot replace and you have those.

Marlin six is having eight speeds the cassette means it has a freehub body that can take and anything from eight, nine, 10 speed, 11 speed. Even a 12-speed sunrays cassette or NX will fit on that freehub.

So, you can upgrade that anytime you want to talk about freehub or the hubs, these are formula hubs.

There are Coppin cone, very similar to the Shimano nose and the wheels 32 spokes finished with, I don’t know if you can see they’re six 22 by 20.

That means 20-millimeter ID so internal dimension rims. That’s a Schrader valve, not oppressed a valve and the tires that they’ve used on these wheels or XR too.

So which is better one trek vs specialized bicycle you can check the following link.


Preload is because this is a coil fork, which is great for riding in winter or if you don’t care about maintaining the suspension much and that brings me to the frame.

This is a pretty short head tube that is nine centimeters as you can see is a straight head tube, non-tapered. So, inch and one eight tops to bottom 69 and a half degrees for this frame.

The frame is what’s redesigned for 2019, and it is redesigned to hide all these cables and they provide a few other changes to it.

If you look down here, you’re going to see that this is what they consider to be a silver, alpha aluminum. It’s made in China entirely and back here; you’re going to see the size.

One of the reasons why I decided to go for this 2019 as opposed to the 2018 or older and looking here onto the bike, you can see the serial number of the product.

There’s no prediction on that down to obviously, and you can see all the cables and hoses coming out of the frame right here.

Next to the handlebars. You one last thing with the bike upside down, you see 160-millimeter discs. These are texture, Brenden discs. Same with the brakes themselves HD two 75. They can take metallic pads as well here in the back.


If you want to use it the way it comes, highly recommend buying the six don’t buy the seven. It’s no worth it. Don’t buy the five or four for quite a few reasons. This is a perfect beater bike for you.

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