How to decorate your outdoor office spaces?

How to decorate

It is not a myth. Our workplace directly influences our creativity when working, and numerous studies have suggested this. The correct balance of light is essential to maintain a proper environment inside or outside the workplace. Experts have recommended that the intensity of light in an office can be similar to that of sunrise on a clear day, making a terrace one of the best places to create, innovate and work.

Benefits of outdoor office spaces

In brief, we summarize 3 benefits that you can find when working on outdoor office spaces:

1.  More creativity

As we have mentioned, lighting is a key factor in fostering creativity. But how does it work? Simple: by increasing energy. An enclosed space can even make workers feel a bit drowsy, putting aside their daily activities and choosing to procrastinate. In a workplace with a terrace, going out to take a breath of fresh air would be the ideal option to let ideas flow and focus on making those ideas come true.

2. Less stress

Experts suggest that natural light improves our mood, which makes us more productive. Simple changes in the routine such as listening to different sounds, leaving the confinement, recharging ourselves with energy with fresh air and receiving a ray of sunshine can help us relax our nervous system and have a pleasant experience outside the merely work environment.

3. More teamwork

Imagine that you have an important meeting, for which you must prepare your team and they must clarify certain ideas. Meeting inside the room where the next meeting will be can upset your employees and even make them feel nervous and insecure before the meeting begins. The terrace can be an ideal place to brainstorm ideas, discuss your points of view and prepare a good speech in advance to make your meetings a success.

So now you know, natural lighting will always be a great ally to focus on the execution of your plans. You just have to find the perfect environment and infrastructure.

How to decorate your outdoor office spaces?

Diffuse natural light gives us vitality and energy, is essential for our eyes and is also beneficial for your skin, as it has vitamin D. But if you are going to work outside, help yourself with an awning or umbrella so that the sun does not reflect. Our addition? Do not forget the protective cream. You do not want your skin to be damaged.

Choose comfortable furniture

We already underlined it when we talked about it a few years ago. When setting up an open-air office, you cannot forget ergonomics. It is very important to choose a comfortable, ergonomic chair that helps you maintain a good posture: that collects the lumbar well and in which the legs and back form a right angle.

Use rugs to separate

As a detail, they recommend putting a rug to separate spaces and delimit your office area from the rest of the custom furniture, be it hammocks or sofas. Its visual effect helps separate the work zone from the leisure zone.

Advantages of working outdoors

With the arrival of summer, the desire for contact with nature increases, but for those who do not have a vegetable garden. It seems really penalizing to have to observe it from the balcony. In reality, you can fill up with vitamin D even by working in smart working sitting comfortably on your terrace, thus combining contact with nature albeit limited to the need to continue to carry out your duties.

Here are some of the advantages of working outdoors, even on your own balcony:

Benefits on mood: spending time in the open air makes us rediscover the connection with nature and certainly helps to calm down if it is true that gardening is good for health, it is equally true that working outside helps us find a good mood.

Finding creativity: To find new ideas. It is essential to take time for new experiences and involve all 5 senses. Being outdoors is certainly one of the best ways to leave.

Helps the brain work in sync: Nature effects by improving the brain’s ability to work in sync.

It reduces stress: in this moment, it is a factor common to many workers who are faced with a different way of working, a series of professional challenges but also family management. A breath of fresh air for a few hours a day on your balcony, creating a corner all to yourself, can make the difference.

The colors cheer up: the blue of the sky and the green of the plants confirm the studies of chromotherapy and are able to calm down by finding calm and favoring a positive attitude in those who are outdoors.

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