Top Tips That Computer Beginners Should Know

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For new computer users, it is crucial to remember a range of tips to ensure your computer runs smoothly and efficiently from day one. The follow tips will come in handy for any computer beginner.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

In a hurry? Keyboard shortcuts are an extremely handy way to access programs on your desktop. They are also very useful for editing your documents. Researching some keyboard shortcuts will definitely enhance your user experience!

Backing Up Your Computer Data

Do you have valuable data? From PDF to Excel is important to understand how to back up important data in your computer. Creating backups of all your crucial data means that if your hard drive stops working you will have a copy of your photos, music, videos and other important documents. It’s also important to clean your computer by removing files that you don’t really need.

Protecting Your Computer from Viruses and Spyware

According to Tech Spot, it is important to be aware of viruses and spyware when using your computer, accessing the internet and downloading files. To protect your computer, you may consider downloading anti-virus and ant-virus software. Your computer might also have a firewall built in. This will protect it from hackers trying to access your precious files. It is also very important to be careful with your password when browsing the internet, particularly when buying products online and using your bank card.

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Updating Your Computer Programs

Like backing up your computer data, it is also important to update your software. Software programs have regular updates and patches to improve their overall efficiency. This will also improve the speed of your computer.

Switching Off Your Computer Properly

Switching off your computer abruptly or when you are in the middle of something can damage the files on your computer or corrupt your important documents. Similarly, when removing a USB stick from your computer, always remember to safely remove your hardware. This will ensure your USB stick isn’t corrupted and your files stay safe. You can also use convenient online resources such as

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Internet

There are a few simple tricks to make sure your Wi-Fi runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. If the signal is weak, make sure your router is close enough to your computer.


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