How to Control TV With Phone (Infrared and Without Infrared Sensor)

How to Control TV With Phone

There was a time when there were watches that acted as remote control. Today, some nostalgic (like me) still retain these collector’s pieces. But in addition to these watches that we mentioned, there is an essential element in everyday life that can also be used as a remote control.

We talk about the mobile phone, that technological tool turned almost into an appendix of our body. The mobile is already a whole Swiss army knife of technology to which we can give almost infinite uses. Today, we are going to see how to control TV with phone.

First option: infrared sensor

The first option we have is to use the infrared port of the phone (if it has one). For this we need to check that our phone has an infrared sensor. Not all phones on the market have it, for example, the iPhone is one of them, but later we will see the possibilities we have with Apple phones.

Control TV With Phone

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In the case that we do not know if our phone has an infrared sensor or not, we have two options. One is to look for the model on the manufacturer’s website and check it between the specifications and another is to directly download the application that will allow us to give it this use, because once we have it downloaded. It will directly recognize if our phone has this function or not.

The application that we are talking about is IR Universal TV Remote that is available on Google Play for free . As we said, if our phone did not have the option of infrared the application itself would inform us and it would be impossible to start the process.

If on the contrary we have infrared, the application will first ask us what kind of device we want to control remotely. Among the options available are DVD, Blu Ray or sound bars among others and of course, televisions. Once the device is selected, it will ask us for its brand, we will select a name to register it and the application itself will make the connection.

From this moment, the mobile screen will show us the distribution of a remote control to use with its characteristic functions (Previous/Next, Volume, Mute). We have the possibility of registering as many devices as we want without any limit and thus forget forever that the joyful controls end up lost between the sofa cushions.

Without infrared sensor

It is true that the infrared sensor is a connectivity that has been gradually extinguishing mobile phones in recent years. Despite this, we can turn our phone into a remote control regardless of whether we have it or not.

There are applications on the market that allow devices to connect via WiFi . In order to use them, we need two requirements to be met: that both the phone and the TV can connect to the Internet and that both are connected to the same WiFi network.

To do this we can use specific applications such as SURE Universal Remote , available for Android phones on Google Play, or applications that are directly available to us by the manufacturers of televisions in the app stores. This second option will always be the most successful because compatibility with the TV model will be perfect.

The same happens if our TV has Android TV, because here we can use the Android TV Remote Control application that Google makes available to users and that is independent of the manufacturer of the television or the device we have,

The iPhone as a remote control

In the case of Apple phones, we have neither the option of the infrared port nor, obviously, that of Android TV. To be able to configure an iPhone as a remote control of our TV we will have to take advantage of the applications made available by manufacturers, such as LG. or third-party applications compatible with certain brands such as myTifi.

In the case of iPhone, is to connect the specific Apple TV device. This device simplifies the connectivity between the TV and the iPhone making it a Smart TV and also, we can use the iPhone as a remote control by installing the Apple TV Remote application.

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