The New Season Of Wakfu: A Whole New World

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Wakfu Season 4

WAKFU, a popular series on French-language channels. It is an animated show with a colorful cast of characters and a vivid world that has been created in detail, so if you are looking for something to watch while you’re relaxing, this could be the perfect opportunity!

What’s New in Wakfu Season 4

Wakfu Season 4 has finally arrived and with it comes a whole new world! Here’s a look at the most exciting changes:

-New Area: The Moria Mines

The Moria Mines are a brand new area added to Wakfu Season 4. This dark and forbidding place is home to many dangerous creatures, but also holds the key to defeating the Dark Lord Zagan.

-New Characters: Drahcir and Jasmir

Drahcir and Jasmir are two new bosses that players will need to defeat in order to progress through the Moria Mines. Drahcir is armed with a very powerful bow, while Jasmir is skilled in magic.

-New Quests: The Gravedigger’s Quest and The White Witch’s Quest

The Gravedigger’s Quest and The White Witch’s Quest are two new quests that players will need to complete in order to progress through the Moria Mines. The Gravedigger’s Quest tasks players with finding his son, who has gone missing, while The White Witch’s Quest involves rescuing an imprisoned princess.

Release date

The release date for Season 2 of Wakfu is set for 16 September 2022. Along with new episodes, the game will also receive a new storyline and improved graphics.

Story Arc

The Wakfu Season 3 story arc picks up right where the Season 2 finale left off. The new season begins with a bang as the evil Godmaster unveils his latest plan to take over the world. Meanwhile, our heroes struggle to find a way to stop him and prevent Wakfu from being destroyed.

The new season features an all-new cast of characters and introduces a new magical system that will change the way you play Wakfu. You’ll also get to see some of your favorite characters in brand-new roles, and discover new secrets about the world of Wakfu.

So buckle up for an exciting ride into the New Season of Wakfu: A Whole New World!


One of the biggest changes in the new season of Wakfu is the addition of a whole new world that players can explore. This opens up a wealth of new possibilities for the game’s characters, and we’ve put together a list of our favourites so far.

Asmodai – One of Wakfu’s most popular and well-known characters, Asmodai is an enigmatic and powerful sorcerer who has inspired both fear and admiration in his many enemies. Possessing immense magical power and a calculating mind, Asmodai is sure to be a big player in the new world.

Zalmoxis – A fearsome dragon lord and one of Wakfu’s main antagonists, Zalmoxis is a cruel and ambitious leader who desires nothing more than to rule all dragons. Armed with razor sharp claws and teeth, Zalmoxis is an awe-inspiring foe that players will need to be careful around.

Gourry – The bumbling but lovable swordsman Gourry is one of Wakfu’s most recognisable characters, thanks to his starring role in the popular anime series. Though he may not have the same level of magical power as some of his fellow adventurers, Gourry is always ready for


This week’s screenshots come from the quest “The Other Path”. You can see some of the new enemies that Wakfu players will encounter in this episode, as well as the new location where the quest takes place.

The Other Path Pt. 1:

In this screenshot we can see the first stage of The Other Path quest. Players have to traverse a treacherous ice cave in order to reach the other side. The enemies in this area include Yetis and Trolls.

The new season of Wakfu is coming and it’s a whole new world. With all-new characters, an all-new story, and all-new fighting mechanics, Wakfu is ready to take the fight to the enemy.

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