Sound system – Purchase guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sound system

By utilizing a sound system, you will have the probability to tune in to the melodies clearly and at a decent dimension of energy. In the event that you need to choose the right hardware, you should focus on its attributes, among them, the ability to which it communicates the sounds, the availability choices it offers and the plan and sort of arrangement it reinforces. 

To enable you to gain the correct model we have chosen a few items that may intrigue you, such as the Sony MHC-V77DW, a high power system that has WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. So that, you can transmit the audio wirelessly; Also, it has a lighting system that serves to animate the parties.

You can consider is the Sytech SYX-255BTCD that emits sounds with a power of 60 W so that you can listen to them with a good level of intensity, and also has Bluetooth connectivity to transmit the sounds without using cables.

What is the best sound system on the market?

Sound system

Through the following guide to buying the best sound system, we will present some of the features that you must take into note when making your purchase. We recommend you to read them carefully, as this way you will have the possibility to know more about these devices and make an accurate choice.


If you want that each one of the contents that you reproduce can be heard properly, one of the main aspects to review when you are going to make your comparison of sound systems is the power that these devices emit.

Some models can emit sounds at a power of 40 watts; Although this level is not that high, it may be appropriate for small rooms. Also, because its sound intensity is not very high, it is likely that this type of system is liked by those users who do not like too loud audios.

speaker power

There is also other equipment that transmits the sounds at a power of 60 W. Probably these are suitable for medium-sized rooms because the level of force with which they reproduce the audio is a little higher.

Now, if you want to use your audio system at large parties or events that many people attend, you need to look for a device capable of emitting much more powerful sounds, such as audio systems of 400 W or higher.

If you choose to select one of these models, you should bear in mind that all the sounds you play will be heard with a good level of intensity, even if you install the equipment in very large rooms.


Currently, it is common to have your songs stored on different devices, pen drives, SD memories, phones, laptops, among others. For this reason, if you are going to acquire an audio system, in addition to paying attention to how much it costs, it is necessary to take into consideration the connectivity options offered by each device. Keep reading Top digital marketing tools to grow your online presence

sound system connectivity

The simplest models usually have USB ports, to which you can connect the different types of players that you use.

Even so, other systems allow you to transmit the contents wirelessly since they have Bluetooth technology and you have to pair the compatible devices to share all the songs you want.

Added to this, some computers also have NFC technology, this also allows you to share the audio wirelessly, but to send them you must only touch both devices, which facilitates the process of information exchange.

Other models have a WiFi connection, for this reason, you will manage to send the contents that you have stored in different devices, and you can also play the files available on the web, as long as the model you purchase is compatible with the different audio playback applications.


If you are looking for a cheap computer or you have a budget for a more expensive one, it is very important to pay attention to the ability of sound systems to play different types of audio format.


Most computers can read multiple file types, as long as they are stored in Mp3, WAV and WMA, which are the most common formats. On the other hand, others reproduce content stored in AAC, FLAC, ALAC, and DSD.

If the equipment you like is not compatible with the type of format in which you store most of your music files, the most convenient thing is that you do not acquire it and follow an option that suits your needs.


To be successful with your purchase, you must take into consideration the design of each team and the utility that you will give it.

If you are going to install it in the living room to reproduce sounds and increase the audio intensity of your movies or TV shows, then you can opt for a home theater system, which has several speakers that you can place in different areas of your home — each room.


There are also models that have a simpler design; such is the case of audio bars. These are compact and suitable for small areas, you can install them next to the TV or your sound equipment.

If you are looking for a player that you can move to different places and take with you to any of your events, it is convenient that you look at the portable models. These have wheels even handles that will allow you to transport them more easily.

If you are in search of a sound system you must make sure to choose the best equipment, for this reason, we have compiled a list with the characteristics of the most outstanding models, among them it could be the right one for you.

Recommended Products

Sony MHC-V77DW

It is a sound system that has Wi-Fi audio transmission settings so you can enjoy your favorite music content through Chromecast compatible devices. Also, you can access your multimedia content stored on your computer compatible with DLNA or Home Media Server.

Sony MHC-V77DW

For some, the weight of this sound system that reaches 25 kg makes it difficult to transport if you want to move it from one side to another, but you should know that it has handles and wheels so you can move it more easily.


This equipment has the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi for digital audio transmission, using devices compatible with integrated Chromecast and you can also access the music files of the computer because it connects with DLNA or Home Media Server applications.

It is also possible to connect the sound device with the Spotify Connect application and have a subscription to Spotify Premium to enjoy all the music you have downloaded to your playlists.

Also, it has a tower-shaped design with dimensions of 99.5 x 40 x 45 cm, and a control panel resistant to splashes and dust, which is very easy to clean. So, there is no risk that it will stop work in case of spilling any drink on its surface.


With this Sony sound equipment you can connect several devices to enjoy your favorite music, and at the same time, you can share the repertoire using the NFC device, just bypassing the system in front of the speaker or activating the Bluetooth function.

Thanks to the USB port system that the Sony MHC-V7D has, it can be used as a compliment for television, and you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to play all the digital content stored in your files. Also, this gadget supports the formats MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV / AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, and DSD, so you can enjoy your favorite playlists and be the soul of the party.

You can also download the Files table application to your smartphone to control the lights since this speaker has LED disco lights to animate the party and they synchronize with the rhythm of the music creating a fun dance floor effect.

Additional functions

This model has the karaoke function and two microphone inputs, which combined with the sound effects, is ideal to team up with your friends so you can sing like a real group, by simply connecting the MHC-V77DW to a TV and inserting a karaoke DVD or through YouTube, accessing via Bluetooth technology. It even has the property of voice attenuation so you can sing the most famous songs.

On the other hand, this audio system integrates a gesture control, which works with simple movements that allow changing the LED lights of the speakers, adding DJ effects or changing the song, for which you press a button to activate the sensor and then you have to put your hand on the wheel, and that’s it. Also, it includes FM radio tuner so you can hear your favorite programs, tuning the dial of your preference.

Sytech SYX-255BTCD

Sytech SYX-255BTCD

The songs you play can be heard clearly and forcefully since it is a 2.1 sound system that can transmit the audio with a real power of 60 W.

It has a USB 2.0 input to which you can connect different devices and will also serve to charge mobile phones, tablets or other similar equipment.

It has a CD player, suitable to listen to the discs you like. It is compatible with the MP3, WMV and WAV formats, which are the most common.

Another feature that makes this team one of the best sound systems of 2018 is that it has NFC technology, thanks to this you can pair it with compatible devices with just a touch. In this way, transmitting the files will be easier.

Some people say that Sytech could be the best sound systems brand on the market today:


The Sytech team stands out for having an attractive, modern and very elegant design. It is a tower of 32 x 24 x 110 centimeters with a weight of 9.9 kilograms that will look pretty good in any room or living room.


It has an input to play compact discs, a USB port for memories and hard drives and Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with devices.


Also, it also has a built-in radio tuner with which you can select your favorite station to enjoy music and random programs whenever you want.


Regarding its manufacture, Sytech has a wood finish and a resistant structure so you can enjoy its benefits for several years.


All the sounds that you play will be heard with enough intensity, because this model has a sound power of 450 W. Therefore, you will not have problems if you use it in wide spaces, because the audios will rumble all over the place.


This sound system has two VHF microphones, so you will have the possibility to use it to enjoy during your karaoke nights and to animate each of the events you do.

Play Mp3 and have USB connectivity. Therefore, you can connect the different storage units where you have the songs of your choice.

Also, you will have the possibility to use it easily, since it has a remote control with which you can configure all the options of the device and make different adjustments from anywhere in the room.

If you want to invest in a good sound system for your home, you must pay attention to relevant aspects, such as its power and accessories:


This Ibiza model works with a power output of 450W, very useful for events and meetings of all kinds.


Two VHF microphones are included with the purchase so you can cheer up the party’s guests and even participate in karaoke.


You will also find a remote control so you can operate the equipment without having to be in direct contact with it.

Auna HF583

This equipment is among the cheapest of the list, but still can transmit a good quality sound, allowing you to listen to the songs you play properly; This is because it has a 5.1 audio system and transmits the sounds at a power of 70 W.

Auna HF583

It has 5 satellite speakers and 2 subwoofers, one active and the other side bass reflex, so it emits surround sound. Also, you can install these pieces in different areas of the room to have a home cinema system.

This model, considered by many to be the best sound system with a quality price ratio, plays mp3 and has a remote control that allows you to control it from anywhere in the room and control the options it offers.

It has a USB port, SD card reader and a CD player that will allow you to listen to all the contents you want regardless of the storage unit where you store them.

Auna could be a good alternative for those who do not know what sound system to buy since it offers competitive products at affordable prices:


If you want a system to connect to the TV, this Auna model may interest you, since it consists of five speakers and bass to offer surround sound.


You can enjoy your favorite stations at all times thanks to the radio tuner built into the system. You should not worry about if you fall asleep watching television, the Auna system has an automatic shutdown when inactivity is detected.

Lonpoo Bluetooth

This soundbar has a very elegant and compact design, for this reason, you will have the possibility of installing it anywhere in your home, as it will not occupy much space.

Lonpoo Bluetooth

You can connect it with MP3 equipment, mobile phones, PCs and portable audio players, from which you will be able to transmit the contents with ease.

This home sound system offers three playback modes: movie, TV with effect and music, among which you can vary depending on the content you listen to.

It emits sounds at a power of 40 watts, for this reason, it is suitable for small spaces. Due to its characteristics, for some users, it answers the doubts about which is the best sound system, since it also has super bass technology, which allows you to reproduce the audios so that you can hear them properly.

If you want to purchase one of the cheapest, we recommend the model of Lonpoo, considered by some as the best sound system for 70 euros or less:


Lonpoo offers you a sound bar that you can use as a complement to your TV. It has a size of 80 x 4.6 x 6.4 centimeters and a weight of 1.8 kilograms.


It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity system, so you do not have to have annoying cables throughout the room.


It can be operated with remote control, very useful in case you do not want to get off to change the volume.

How to use a sound system?

How to use a sound system


Being able to enjoy a sound at home that makes us experience a cinema sensation is a dream for those fans of the series and films or simply those who wish to improve the sound quality in the entertainment space. We help you, so you know how to use your sound system. With a little patience and skill, you will have everything assembled sooner than you thought.

Location of the sound system

Once we have the equipment at home, we have to choose the right place to place it. This will make the quality of the acoustics improve or worsen noticeably. It is not necessary that we do it with precision to the centimeter, but we must take into account the place where we are going to receive the sounds, as well as the possible obstacles that are between the device and us, that could hinder the good listening level.


Now that we have chosen the perfect place for our device, we must connect the system to the device we want to use, as well as its power supply to the socket. While it is true that there are models where connectivity has a really easy operation thanks to Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC technology, we will also find less modern models that will be coupled to the devices by cables, such as televisions or video players. You will also have, according to what options, with USB port or memory card slot, which will expand the possibilities of the machine.


Depending on the connection we have used, the device will be started one way or another. So, for example, mobile devices and most applications in them are ready to be easily linked to Bluetooth sound equipment without the need for complex steps. If this is not your case, you can always go to the most traditional and use the cable jack to transmit the audio.

Sound settings

Sometimes we err and, through laziness or forgetfulness, we do not read the instructions that accompany the product. They detail how to configure the sound so that we get the most out of the device.

Sound settings

We must bear in mind that not all rooms are identical nor do all people have the same preferences. For this reason, brands include in their models the possibility of adapting acoustics to the tastes and needs of its users.

Calibrating our sound system does not have to be very difficult. Many of the equipment integrate a microphone that allows to carry out tests and configure themselves with technologies such as YPAO. If this is not your case, you can calibrate the contraption manually if you allow it. Depending on the model, we can do this directly with the device or from the sending device, such as a television, from the settings.


As for the elements of precaution, we must avoid placing the sound system near humid or poorly ventilated areas and in places where there is excessive dust. It is also necessary to switch off the device correctly, avoiding the direct removal of the power supply without first switching it off with the remote control or with the corresponding button.

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