How to manage two Instagram accounts at a time

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How to manage two Instagram accounts?

Many people have two Instagram accounts. Maybe the staff and the company, or just the usual normal and the one that has opened your cat. Anyway, when managing both accounts from the smartphone is easy to find a problem: it is very annoying to have to close and log in every time you want to change accounts since the official Instagram app does not allow to manage more than a. Here, we’ll show How to manage two Instagram accounts at a time. 

How to manage two Instagram accounts?

Here is the solution. That’s why at Ltechuk we explain How to manage two Instagram accounts.

Steps to follow:

How to manage two Instagram accounts?

First step:

As Instagram does not let us do it from its official app, to manage two accounts of the social network of photos, you will need to use a client program. Of course, many have realized that this is a very popular demand among users, so there are several applications with support for more than one Instagram account. Keep reading How Technology Can Help to Grow Your Business


Second step:

For Android users, Instwogram is an Instagram clone that is a pretty good solution. However, being an unofficial app, it is not available in the Play Store, so you’ll have to install it. Follow these instructions to install it.

Third step:

Once you have Instwogram on your device, open it. You’ll see that it’s the same as Instagram. You just have to sign in with your second Instagram account so that you can use an app for each of the accounts. Instwogram allows you to upload photos, do like, comment and everything you can also do with the original application.

For iOS user


If you are an iOS user, for $ 0.99, you can download Instapload from the App Store. This app seems to be the only one you use to manage all your Instagram accounts, without having to restore to the official app, as happened with Instwogram. In addition to being able to add multiple accounts in the app, you can also receive the same feed in all of them.

For windows user

6tag instagram

Windows Phone user? There is also a solution for you! Thanks to what took the official Instagram app to the platform, and the fact that it is still in beta, the platform has many client apps accepted by Instagram and in many cases are much better than the original. So, you could have Instagram Beta for an account and apps like 6tag, the most popular to use two accounts.

If you faced any problem to use multiple Instagram account, comment below. We will answer as soon as possible.

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