Locate your lost, switched off or stolen smartphone

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Locate your lost, switched off or stolen smartphone

Can not find your smartphone anymore and are you looking for a way to try and find it immediately? Here is a complete guide to the actions to be done to locate your phone. Who has never happened to lose something and try in every way to get it back? The situation becomes a little more unpleasant and delicate when your smartphone disappears. If you do not know what to do when you lose your phone, take a deep breath and follow our procedures step by step.

Localizing a telephone is possible, but very complicated. Without giving you too many false hopes, try before proceeding with a little more extreme actions, it’s still good.

The procedures that we are going to show in our article, will not assure 100% the success of this company. If you are willing to make some attempts to get back your beloved smartphone, continue reading and try the various solutions that we are going to show you!

Find iPhone location

Find iPhone location

The first thing to do to find a lost phone is use the features that the manufacturer of the latter makes available.

If you have an iPhone, you will surely be aware of the “Find my iPhone” function, right? Well, “Find My iPhone” is the function of Apple able to locate an iPhone and eventually communicate with the latter, forcing actions that we will explain shortly.

To activate this function, go to “Settings” and select the entry containing your name, then continue on “iCloud” where you will have to search “Find my iPhone.” Click on the latter and enable the item “Find my iPhone” and “Send the last position”. If enabled, this feature will allow you to see where an iPhone cell phone is located or, if you are unlucky and the lost phone is off, to know the last known position. Keep reading SMARTQ Z1: AN INCREDIBLE ANDROID CLOCK!

Find my iPhone

Now that your service is active take a test using any computer connected to the internet. Do it by connecting to the iCloud website.

Log in to your site with your Apple ID and password and if it’s the first time you connect, enter your language and time zone, then press ” Save.”

Now, click on the “Find My iPhone” icon, then enter your password again and proceed by pressing “Login.”

Well, when logged in, you will see a map with the last position detected by all the Apple devices you have. In case you have more than one. Locate the device of your interest in the list that is shown to you by clicking on “All Devices” at the top. As you can see, you have a series of actions to do. These actions will be performed by your smartphone only if it is switched on and connected to the internet. You can still try to give them orders via “Find My iPhone” because they will be executed when it will be switched on again.

Let’s see together what orders you can send remotely:

  • Emitting a sound: This function is handy if your iPhone is nearby. Order the device to make a sound;
  • Set lost mode: Makes a phone number visible on the screen in the lock screen;
  • Initialize the iPhone: Drastic measure. It allows you to delete all the data on your iPhone. If you delete all data, you will no longer be able to use the ” Find My iPhone ” function.

If you can not find your smartphone using your PC, try locating an iPhone through another iPhone or iPad. To track an iPhone from another iPhone, download the free app ” Find My iPhone ” from AppStore, which will allow you to use the same features of iCloud on your smartphone.

Locate android phone

Locate android phone

You may know Google’s “Find my device” service. Its operation is similar to” Find My iPhone.” It allows you to track down the last known position of your Android smartphone.

To locate an Android phone, connect to the Google “Find my device” service. Log in with your Google account information and click on the “Sign in” button.

Like the iPhone, to track an Android phone, there is a need for the latter to be switched on and connected to the internet and that the GPS is active.

If you respect the above conditions, by accessing “Find my device” you will see a map with the last known position of your Android smartphone.

In addition to knowing the location, on the left you can find information that will tell you if your phone is on or off, how much battery has and what network is connected. Below, instead, there is a list of the orders you can give to your Android smartphone:

  • Play audio: Click once on “Play Audio” to let your smartphone ring for 5 minutes even if the silent mode is set;
  • Activate protect and reset: This function allows you to set a block code that only you know or delete all the data on your device.

If you can not locate an Android smartphone from a PC, you can use the app that you can download from PlayStore, Find my Device. Just sign in with a Google account attached to the lost device and use the features we talked about above.

What to do

What to do for the lost phone?

Many people panic when they lose their mobile phone, which is why we are here to explain some actions to take if you lose your smartphone. Following the procedure, whoever stole your smartphone will not be able to access your data. So, reassure yourself and proceed peacefully in reading!

  1. If you have lost hope and the solutions that we talked about before you have not been useful, what you need to do is request the lock of the SIM to your operator, report the theft and block the IMEI code.
  2. The IMEI code is nothing but a unique code that identifies the device. To recover it, you can check the packaging of your smartphone.
  3. Report to the competent authorities and ask for the device to be blocked on the national network, using the IMEI code. You will receive a form to fill out and send to your service provider to request a block.
  4. Proceed, before requesting the block of the IMEI code, with the request to block the SIM. To do this, contact the service provider and talk to an operator. Then, block the SIM, connect to the website of your service provider and follow the procedure to block a lost device.

Now that you know the basic procedures to locate your lost phone. We hope that in the case of the stolen smartphone, you can find it again!

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