How to use whatsapp without phone on pc?

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How to use whatsapp without phone on pc

WhatsApp Web can only be used if your mobile is connected and you have it at your disposal. If it gets lost, stolen, or has hardware damage, it won’t be easy to continue using the messaging app. Therefore, in this article, we show you how to open whatsapp without phone on pc with some tricks to help you when you are in a hurry.

Can I log in to whatsapp without phone on pc?

Every time you log in to WhatsApp Web, the application on your cell phone will connect to your PC so you can watch your chats and send messages from your computer. However, to log in the first time, it is necessary to scan the cell phone’s QR code. To use it, it is also mandatory to have a cell phone connected all the time.

Is there a way to avoid this procedure if we do not have the QR code or the session closed and do not have the cell phone with us? Yes, but the only way to do it is by installing an Android emulator on your computer and installing WhatsApp on the emulator.

You can log into WhatsApp from a computer using your phone number or using a virtual number with an emulator. Next, we will see some options so that you know how to connect to WhatsApp Web without scanning the code and you can use WhatsApp without a phone.

How to use WhatsApp Web with an emulator?

Emulators allow us to emulate or imitate the cell phone operating system on the PC. In addition to using WhatsApp, you can also play your favorite games or use the applications you want on the computer, even if you do not have a cell phone. Before explaining how to use WhatsApp without a mobile, keep in mind the pros and cons of using emulators for this function.

Pros of using an emulator:

As you install WhatsApp in its original version, you can enjoy almost all its advantages (it also allows you to install the GBWhatsApp version), and you don’t need to have your phone nearby.

Cons of using an emulator:

Most emulators consume many resources on your computer, such as RAM, and you need certain specifications in the system. It is also less secure than installing WhatsApp Web since someone could see your conversations and steal your information.

You have already decided that you want to install an emulator to open WhatsApp on your PC without a cell phone. There are three very good emulators called BlueStacks, MEmu, Nox Player, and KoPlayer that you can use for this hack. There are many more that will depend on your needs and tastes.

The only other thing you’ll have to consider is whether you want to use a virtual number to access WhatsApp or whether you want to keep your number. Here we tell you the steps you need to follow for each option and use WhatsApp without a QR code.

How to use WhatsApp without a number (with a virtual number)

  • Download the Android MEmu emulator and install it on the computer.
  • Enter the Play Store. There, look for WhatsApp and an app called “textplus – Free Phone”.
  • Install both apps.

Configure textplus. Register by entering a city and a postal code. For example, Caracas, zip code 1050. Once these details have been entered, you will already have a phone number.

Enter WhatsApp and register with your virtual number. When they ask you to enter the phone number, enter the one you just created and you can use WhatsApp with the cell phone turned off or if you do not have a connection on the cell phone.

How to use WhatsApp keeping your number (with chip)

If you don’t have a phone because it was stolen or the screen broke, at least you must have a chip with your cell phone number and a device to install it on. Enter it on a mobile or tablet so that, later on, you can use the code sent by the WhatsApp service to use the application. In this case, we will use the KoPlayer emulator to explain the steps, but you can install others:

  • Download and install the emulator on your PC. KoPlayer and many other emulators allow you to select two start modes: speed or dual start mode. We recommend speed, as it consumes less resources on your computer.
  • Start your Google session once the app is installed.
  • Search for WhatsApp on GooglePlay and download it. You will find the GooglePlay app on the emulator screen.
  • Wait until WhatsApp is installed. Once ready, a window will appear that welcomes you. Press the green button “AGREE AND CONTINUE”.
  • On the screen that says “Verify your phone number”, there are two preference lines to select. Choose the first one.
  • A screen will open that says, “Choose a country.” Locate and choose the country in which you reside and return to the previous screen. There you can verify the option that was selected.
  • Write the number of your mobile phone in the second line, which will already have the code of the country you selected by default.
  • Press the green “Next” button when finished. A window will appear that says “Connecting.” You must wait a while until another window appears that will ask you if that number is correct or you want to edit it because, in the future, they may ask you for verification. If you choose “OK,” another window titled “Verify” will appear. Below you will find some indications and a line to fill in.

You will receive a text message (SMS) with a code to the same number that you registered. Transcribe the code. After verifying the code, another window will open. In this new window, they will ask you for details for your profile, write your name and add a photo. Once filled, press the green “Next” button. You already have WhatsApp on your computer! In KoPlayer, the WhatsApp icon will appear.

Other applications to use WhatsApp without a cell phone

Do you feel that the previous alternatives do not meet your expectations? Well, do not be discouraged. The technological world is very creative and wide, thus offering many different options. For this reason, you may be interested in some of these other emulators, which will help you open WhatsApp on PC without the mobile on:

iPadian: If you have an iPhone or prefer an iOS emulator to use WhatsApp without a QR code, iPadian is one of the most famous emulators for PC. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface in any version of Windows.

Android for PC: among its advantages is its status, as it is one of the favorites in the market, it also has open-source, it is considered the best to install native resolution notebooks, it tolerates OpenGL hardware acceleration (for AMD Radeon and chipset Intel), among others. Disadvantages? Slow, difficult and tedious installation.

BlueStacks: this emulator is considered a player for Android applications (one of the best, especially used to test video games). Its advantages include state-of-the-art technology, support for accessories (mouse, keyboard and gamepad), the ability to run multiple applications in parallel, ability to reproduce applications on full screens. The biggest downside to this emulator? It consumes too many computer resources.

Nox Player: One of the best options among current emulators. It consumes very few computer resources, works better than many emulators, has most functions, manages multiple instances, has a recorder screen capture tool, is easy to configure, and more. Only disadvantages: it only supports lollipop 5.1., And you must download an extra application to synchronize your WhatsApp contacts during installation.

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