How to stop ipad from receiving calls from iphone?

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How to stop ipad from receiving calls from iphone?

The launch of the new iPhone 6, presented by Apple at the end of September, was followed by unprecedented success; the first month of sales of the device represented, in fact, a record for the Canadian company. The introduction of the new product also led to the use of a new operating system, iOS 8, more performing and equipped with greater functions, both hidden and made public by Apple. Among the latter, some allow for greater synergy between iPhone and iPad; the user has more choice on the device to use at a given time. Specifically, Apple introduced the Continuity with featureOS X Yosemite, which allows you to make calls and send and receive text messages from your iOS and Mac devices. While it might be handy to reply to messages from your MacBook and iPad when your iPhone is charging, it might be annoying to share phone calls between all three devices. This guide will explain how to stop ipad from receiving calls from iphone?. Let’s see how to proceed.

How to stop ipad from receiving calls from iPhone?

how to stop ipad from receiving calls from iphone

You will need:

  • iPhone device
  • IPad device
  • IOS 8 operating system
  • Internet connection
  • FaceTime program

Turn on FaceTime

First of all, to activate the function that allows tablets to ring when the iPhone is nearby and receives a call, both devices must be updated to the iOS 8 operating system, then the FaceTime program must be activated on both. The devices. Obviously, the same Apple account must be used to work; the operation is valid only for Apple brand tablets (or other devices). This function can be very useful in many cases, but it can be a nuisance for some. If you enable Wi-Fi calling, emergency calls can be made over the wireless network. Additionally, device location information may be used to provide the requested support service.

Disable the function

Then, to disable the function, simply go to the “Settings” section on the iPhone or on the device that receives the phone calls, then continue by clicking on “FaceTime” and then on “iPhone cellular calls.” After performing these simple operations, the iPad will no longer ring along with the iPhone, but it will always be possible to go back and activate the function again. When the “iPhone cellular calls” setting is set to “Off,” it will not be possible to make calls from the iPad itself, using the connection offered by the smartphone.

Disable only one device

By changing the function directly on the iPhone, no other Apple device will ring simultaneously. Alternatively, it is possible to disable the function only on one of the devices, carrying out the same action on the latter and not on the iPhone. In this way, other devices other than the one on which the function has been disabled will continue to make and receive video calls without any charge, through the normal internet connection and the same Apple account. To do this, you need to go to the Phone section of the settings app, just like in the previous steps, but only disabling the devices you no longer want to receive calls.

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