How to Put a Video on iPhone Background

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How to put a video on an iPhone background

Smartphones are now part of everyone’s daily life. This is because they help to be faster and more efficient. So much so that you send emails on the fly, from anywhere and always stay updated on the news and current events in real-time. But there is no lack of entertainment, keeping in touch via social networks and the possibility of taking photos and recording videos. The latter, after registering them, can be made active in many ways.

One of the possibilities that iPhone devices allow is to insert videos as wallpaper. The procedure to do this is very simple, just use some basic steps. So make sure you have everything you need and get started. In the following guide, I will explain how to put a video on iPhone background.

How to put a video on iPhone background?

You will need:

  1. IPhone device
  2. Into Live app
  3. Active internet connection
  4. Wifi

Download the application

The possibility of directly putting a video on an iPhone background is rather limited. But to do this you can use special apps. Among all the ones in the Store, I suggest you try Into Live – Create live wallpapers. This way you can turn the video into Live Photo and continue with your work. So the first thing you need to do is to download the application. Go to the App Store and click, locate the application you need and press the Get and Install button. Wait for the download, through Face ID Touch ID. Then press the button and open the application. When the card starts, select the Start button and press OK.

Convert the video

At this point, you can convert the video to Live Video Photo. Open the application screen and click the Video item. Then select the video you saved in the phone Gallery. Now click on the video and set the various parameters, i.e. the starting point and the ending point. If you need to make more than one video, click the Multiple Selection button. Alternatively, if the video you are looking for is not placed on the Gallery, transfer it from one application to another, using iTunes file sharing. After this step, view the video, use the filters to change it and adjust the speed as desired. After that, move the two red ends on the timeline and set the other options. Once this is done, click on the icon at the bottom and activate the Background option.

Insert the video

Once you have finished editing to convert the video to Live Photo, you can insert the video on an iPhone background. Then click the Save mode and press the item Without repetitions. At this point, wait for the video to be placed in the iPhone Gallery. At the end of the passage, set it as an animated background on your phone display.

If the app you need to download is proposed as a purchase, remove any advertising banners and unlock the other extra parameters.

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