How to open a DAT file in MS Word

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how to open a dat file in word

A DAT file can be opened with Microsoft Word. File types usually tell your computer something about a particular file and how to open a dat file in word. For example, when the computer encounters a DOCX file, it will use Microsoft Word to open it. Anyway, the DAT files are not as uniform as the DOCX. DAT files are data files, and data can be anything from text to images. Some DAT files are old Word or DOS files, but you will not know until you open them.

How to open a dat file in word

"Open and repair" feature of Word

Open the Word. Select the “File” button and then “Open” in the drop-down menu.

Look in the Open dialog window until you find the DAT file you want to open. Select the name of the file and click on the “Down arrow” on the Open button at the bottom of the dialog window.

Select “Open and Repair” from the drop-down menu to open the file. This may contain machine language. Download the file to see if any readable content appears after the machine language. If Word can not open the file, change the file extension, as described below, and try again. Keep reading TAKING ADVANTAGE OF BULK SMS FOR BUSINESS MARKETING

Change the file extension

control panel

Select the “Start” button on your desktop and go to the “Control Panel” in the task pane on the right.

Select the “Appearance and Personalization” option in the dialog box, then select “Folder Options” in the task pane on the right. Select the “View” button in the Folder Options dialog box.

Select the “Hide the extensions of the known file types” box to remove the checkmark so that you can see the extensions of the files. Select “OK.”

Select the “Start” button. Enter a new name for the file you want to change in the “Search programs and files” field and press “Enter.” You can use wildcards in the search field and search all the DAT files by entering “*.DAT” or you can enter the name of the file.

Right click on the file name and select “Rename” from the drop-down list. Replace the file extension “DAT” with “DOC” and press “Enter.” In the computer warning window, select “Yes.”

Open the Word and try to open the file again.

DAT file


If you know who sent you the DAT file, you can always ask what program was used to create it. The servers will occasionally change the file extensions while they are sent by email.

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