How to hide comments in word

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How to hide comments

Microsoft Word has become one of the best known and most popular office software in recent years. And it has a wide variety of functions, some of them quite useful, such as comments. But how can we hide them when we don’t need them? We explain it to you.

It is very possible that the ability to add comments to the different Microsoft Word documents can become one of the most useful functionalities of the program, especially in environments where many users work, since it provides a simple, simple, and effective way to collaborate and commenting on draft documents.

Even if we work individually with Microsoft Word, it is also possible to find the function to add notes and comments extremely useful, especially when working or studying.

Although the option to add a comment to a Word document can be quite simple (just highlight the text we want to comment on, go to the toolbar, go to the Review tab and click on New comment ), sometimes the only thing that We want to hide them, particularly in those moments in which they have been used excessively, and their presence overwhelms us to the point of making reading and/or editing the text uncomfortable.

Luckily, if you don’t want to remove them completely, you can choose to hide them, an ideal feature for comments to continue to be in the document, but not as visible.

Hiding comments in Microsoft Word

We start by opening the Microsoft Word document that we want to edit. Click on the Review tab, which we find located on the blue ribbon, specifically at the top of the Word document. Then, once clicked on this tab, a toolbar will appear at the top of the window.

Now we must click on Show markup, consisting of a drop-down box located in the Tracking section of the toolbar. Once done, a new menu will appear. If you’re using macOS, you’ll need to click the Dialing Options drop-down box.

The truth is that the process of hiding comments is slightly easier and faster than deleting them. Because once you are in this function, you only have to uncheck or disable the Comments option, which will remove the checkmark and, therefore, the Comments sidebar will be hidden, not being visible.

Remember that this option does not remove comments from the document, it only hides them to make editing or reading the text easier (and less cumbersome). In any case, if you want to make them visible again, you will only have to go back to the Review tab, click on Show marked, and mark or enable the Comments option. Again, the Comments sidebar will appear.

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