How to find diamonds in minecraft?

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How to find diamonds in minecraft

The diamond in minecraft is the most valuable resource in the entire game, and despite being the most difficult material to obtain, the truth is that it offers multiple benefits that can be essential to becoming a legend in survival mode within minecraft. So much so that the netherite armor, known as the best of all, can only be created from diamond.

However, getting a diamond in minecraft is not as easy as it seems since obtaining it refers to extremely deep latitudes in the game. However, although it sounds like a titanic task, the truth is that if you know the tools you need and where to go, you can get a diamond without much pain. Read on and learn how to get a diamond and also all the things you can do with it in minecraft.

How to find diamonds in minecraft?

How to find diamonds in minecraft

As has already been said, getting diamonds in minecraft can be quite complicated if you don’t know where to start since it is a resource with a very low rate of appearance. Therefore, to boost your chances of getting diamonds, it is best to arm yourself with an iron pickaxe, as this speeds up the block chopping process. In addition, it is recommended to dig until you are close to level 16, an area where the probability of finding this valuable mineral increases.

With that being said, below are different techniques you can apply to get diamonds within minecraft:

Through mining

Mining is the method par excellence to search for diamonds in minecraft. This way of looking for resources consists simply of digging from the surface of the map until reaching depth levels between 11 and 16. To mine efficiently, it is advisable to reach the aforementioned depth and, at the desired point, start building tunnels to dig vertically.

In this way, in addition to being able to prevent the encounter with lava pools, a complete survey of the minerals found in the area can be made. Thus, eventually, there is the probability of running into a diamond ore, which, although it is not easy or fast, is the most common way to obtain this important resource.

Registering chests

One way that it is always easy to find diamonds is by registering the different chests that are found within the vast territories of minecraft. Although it is not the best way to obtain a good number of diamonds, it is always positive to obtain some amount without having to try so hard. Knowing the above, the probability index of obtaining diamonds in the different chests of minecraft:

  • Underworld fortress chest – 23.5%
  • End city chest – 21.5%
  • Smithing chest – 16.3%
  • Jungle temple chest – 15.5%
  • Desert temple chest – 11.3%
  • Mine cart with chest – 10.5%
  • Stronghold altar chest – 7.4%

Inside caves

Caves are one of the most important sources of diamonds in minecraft, and unlike mining, they require fewer resources (picks, iron, etc.). However, keep in mind that, in order to have a good chance of getting diamonds, you must go to caves that you get and, when you are at the lowest point, start digging until you reach levels less than 15 deep.

You should consider that starting at level 11. It is very likely that you will come across pools of lava, so you should be careful. To avoid taking damage from lava, you must carry buckets of water in your inventory. In case you come across any of these underground deposits, use the water and the lava will be requested. So, in addition, you can take advantage of its transformation into obsidian to obtain this resource.

If you get lava, it is a good sign since the diamonds are usually hidden in these types of areas, so it is best to dig and explore the areas near these lava deposits. Thus, with some luck, you will find diamonds or diamond ores.

With the help of dynamite (tnt)

When you’re inside a mine, one of the most effective ways to break up large volumes of stone for quick mining is by exploding tnt. To apply this method, it is best to place the dynamites at a distance of 5 blocks each and make them explode at the same time.

In this way, you will be able to mine faster and increase your chances of getting diamonds in the depths. In addition, this method can be very useful for taking down hordes of creepers that you may come across during your exploration for the valuable material.

Using diamond ores

If, instead of getting rough diamonds, you have gotten diamond ores during your search for this precious material, then no problem, as there is a way to turn these ores into real diamonds without much effort. To do this, all you have to do is the following:

  • Build a smelting furnace and light it using some fuel.
  • Place the diamond ore.
  • Wait the necessary time and you will get a diamond for each melted ore.

What can you do with diamonds?

If you have been successful in your search for diamonds, then it is time to know how to use them successfully. Since this resource is extremely valuable and difficult to obtain, the idea is to manage it intelligently. For this reason, all the objects.

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