How Does Lovoo Work? Is It Free?

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We are all looking for someone who matches us, who is our half, someone to know, and have a relationship with or a simple meeting. Before, all this could only happen between physically close people, and perhaps in the meeting places (discos, pubs, bars, squares or beaches). Today the situation is different, and it is also possible to get to know each other through the app. This is the case of Lovoo, an app dedicated to those looking for their soul mate on the net.

This app for real-time meetings was born in Germany in 2011, and today in Italy is one of the most popular. We have dedicated a post to what Lovoo is and how it works. You can use pocket text scanner app for daily works.

How does Lovoo work?

Lovoo works very similarly to similar online dating services, such as Badoo, Bumble, Tinder and OKCupid. So every user can create his profile in which he describes himself, and he can see the girls or boys close to his position.

The service in its basic version is free,  spending nothing you can:

  1. View each profile;
  2. Send like;
  3. Send messages.

To access some features enjoy seeing who leaves like or who visits your account, use credits. After registration and every day of access, you will receive (few) new ones for free. Credits can be purchased in packages via app purchases.

If you don’t want to be limited in any way, instead, it’s up to you to use a VIP subscription. There are VIP subscriptions with different prices (the longer they are, the lower the cost per month):

  • 1 month costs 9.99USD / Month
  • 3 months cost 8.33USD / Month
  • 6 months cost 5.67USD / Month
  • one year costs 5.83USD / Month

Is it possible to have Lovoo VIP (or Premium) for free?

Lovoo app

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Until a few years ago, the Amazon App Store through the Underground initiative, offered the premium versions of some apps completely free, among them there was also Lovoo VIP. It was enough to download Amazon Underground and have the right to Lovoo VIP without cutting a penny. VIP users feel like they have infinite credits, as, as we have said, they are not subject to any limitations.

Unfortunately, Amazon Underground has closed, and it is no longer possible to have free Lovoo VIP. Furthermore, we urge you to be wary of sites and services that promise to give you credits. They are all deceptive; they do not work at all and put your privacy at risk.

Download Lovoo

Lovoo is available as a mobile app and as a website. You can download the app for free from the Play Store and App Store. The Web version is free, get from this address.

How to register for the service

Registration is always free, open the app or website and follow the quick wizard. At the first start, you will be asked to log in with your credentials or to register.

To register, there are three ways:

  1. Use your email address;
  2. Exploit registration via social networks with Facebook;
  3. By linking your Google account.

The first road is slightly longer since you will have to supply the data requested to the app manually. The other ways are simplified, and the application will collect this data from your accounts by itself.

We for the sake of pure privacy, we recommend the first way, to have maximum control over the individual data entered concerning your person.

To complete the procedure, access the email box you entered to confirm your address. The confirmation is simple, click on the link in the email that the service team has sent you.

How to use Lovoo?

After registering and fixing your profile (a good profile is the best way to get an answer), let’s talk about the focal point of the app, that is how to meet people.

The quickest way to find other exciting and maybe interested users is to use the “Near you” function, which through the GPS will show the connected people close to your position. To use it, press the icon at the bottom with more concentric circles. The app page will show all the girls and boys who have entered the location next to yours.

The “Live” tab is new and allows you to participate in live public video chats (in the case of inappropriate behavior you risk ban), so you can chat on video.

Then there is the “Match” tab, this looks like Tinder, many girls or boys will be proposed to you randomly, and you can choose, if you are interested in wanting to put a like or if you are not to proceed further (by pressing the button form of X), or if you wish, send a message (using the appropriate central icon). Through the ” Match Game, ” you can increase the visibility of your profile and therefore increase your chances.

The app finally allows you to start chatting by sending a direct message to the girls or boys of your interest. To learn more about them, you can view the profiles, where you’ll find lots of valuable information to help you break the ice more easily.

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