From paper to Android: Your pocket text scanner

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text scanner

A text scanner is one that implements OCR technology, Optical Character Recognition in English and Optical Character Recognition. Its purpose is to detect the printed text in a paper document and extract it to a digital document where it can be freely edited.

It will have happened to you several times. You need to extract the text from the pages of a book or a paper document. Then you do not have access to a digital copy. So, you either copy that text manually or go to a text scanner.

As it is faster to use OCR technology, especially if you need to extract text from a large number of pages. We propose some of the best text scanner apps for Android. All are free, fast and convenient to use from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Free, effective and with the guarantee of having a big one like Microsoft behind. With the Microsoft Office Lens application, you can photograph any document, card and even physical whiteboards to obtain a digital image or extract the text from a paper document.

In the case that concerns us, if the app manages to detect the text of a document through OCR, it will generate a Word document and upload it to OneDrive so that we can edit it from our computer or directly from Android.

In addition to Word, you can save the text in PDF or integrate it into OneNote. On the other hand, it detects text in several languages: German, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, English, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.  Download it now.



If you had to scan paper documents, you would have known CamScanner, one of the best applications to turn a smartphone into a scanner.

Among other things, it is quick, eliminates imperfections and corrects a twisted or stained document when scanning, optimizes the quality of the generated image and, as it could not be otherwise, detects the text of an image and extracts it in TXT format thanks to its OCR function. Of course, to use this option, we must subscribe to the Premium version, paid.

In any case, the free version allows you to scan documents, save them in JPEG or PDF and upload them to the cloud and then work with them and use OCR technology from your computer. Download it now.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe, specializing in image software, design and much more, offers its text and image scanner, Adobe Scan, ideal for scanning all those papers stored at home or in the office.

It is free and allows you to generate a PDF with the scanned documents or extract the text of an image, as well as eliminate the edges and correct the inclination of a document.

Adobe Scan is used to scan any paper: receipts, business cards, delivery notes, documents, blackboards … And if you detect forms, you can fill them out, just like the Adobe Acrobat Reader does. Download it now.

Text Fairy

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

The text fairy or Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) will help us with your magic wand to convert printed letters into the editable text from any mobile device or desktop.

Its interface is not the most professional, but behind it has interesting functions, such as converting an image into text, saving the result or even scanning any document and transforming it into a PDF.

Text Fairy is free; it gets along well with different languages and, if the font used is common, this app will detect the text and offer it to us to edit freely. Download it now.

Smart Lens

Smart Lens

Convert image to text easily, quickly and automatically. Smart Lens detects text from any paper and extracts that information.

Business cards, posters, books, documents … No matter the language or the source. If it is readable by us, it is likely that Smart Lens will also read it and turn that paper into a digital document.

Smart Lens uses Google’s OCR technology. Also, it also integrates Google Translate, so you can translate the scanned text or read it out loud. Download it now.

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