How do you make a bonfire in Minecraft?

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Crafting or building a campfire is one of the features that the Minecraft developers included in the 1.14 update. However, a good number of users still do not know how to use this new improvement. That is why the following text details step by step how to accomplish this task in this popular bitmap-style graphics game. Which is a fairly simple process that will allow you to apply the construction of this block for different tasks.

In this sense, this post explains how to craft a bonfire in Minecraft by applying the different techniques or tools that the entertaining video game offers its users. In addition, the main functions of the campfire are mentioned, such as lighting, cooking, pointing, decorating, etc.

How do you make a bonfire in Minecraft?

How do you make a bonfire in Minecraft

In order to build a bonfire in Minecraft, you need to meet certain essential requirements, such as:

A work table: Which you can create from your inventory once you have at least 4 units of wood in it.

Supplies: This category is mostly about the specific items you will need to gather: charcoal, sticks and logs, or lumber. The latter can be with or without bark. However, you will need to make sure that they have not been converted to wood in order to use them. In the same way, you should know that any type of trunk is good for you, whether they come from the mast of a shipwreck, trees, or even mine beams.

Once you have these items, you can quickly start crafting your Minecraft campfire. Now, the recipe you will need for this includes 1 unit of coal, 3 units of logs with characteristics like the ones mentioned above and 3 units of wooden blocks of any type of tree.

Upon completion of all the items, you will need to arrange them within the artboard in a structure similar to the one shown in the image below. To do this, you will have to number the grids strategically from 1 to 9, starting from left to right from top to bottom. Therefore, when locating the coal, it would be in position 5 . While, while the trunks will be in boxes 2, 4 and 6 and the wooden blocks in boxes 7, 8 and 9.

When everything is ready, you can take your campfire and place it anywhere you want on the Minecraft map and use it for any purpose you want.

Bonfire Features

Owning a bonfire in Minecraft represents a valuable tool that grants different types of advantages, thanks to its multiple uses, such as lighting, cooking, pointing, etc. To learn a little more about each of these features, continue reading.

Glow up

The campfire or bonfire in this game will allow you to illuminate rooms without the rain affecting its performance or turning it off because, like the torch, this does not affect it. On the contrary, if you want to put it out, you will have to use water blocks or a shovel.

To cook

Building a campfire in Minecraft will allow you to cook up to four foods at the same time, in much less time than the charcoal smoker and oven require. Well, this block only needs 30 seconds to have the food ready. Now, to get it, all you have to do is place the raw items in the four corners and wait while she alone delivers what she has cooked.

How to craft a campfire in Minecraft to cook


Smoke from a campfire reaches up to 12 blocks high in Minecraft, making it a great tool for communicating or giving clues as to where you are. In addition to this, if you put hay under it, the sign will double its height and work as a real pyre.

Trap or weapon against mobs

Another of the functions of the bonfires in Minecraft is to allow you to extract resources such as those available in hives without being harmed by the hostility of the bees. Also, when considered to deal 1 damage when passing through, the campfire makes an excellent offensive or defensive weapon, depending on how you look at it.


Since it can be included inside fireplaces or used outdoors in camping, the fire pit also has the function of decoration. All this with the great advantage that you do not require fuel to start it.

Additional data

Although when crafting a bonfire or campfire appears lit at once, it is also possible to do so by throwing fire arrows or using a lighter. On the other hand, something that very few users know is that they can get them from fishing villagers in case they cannot gather all the necessary elements in time or want a last-minute fire.

Without a doubt, bonfires in Minecraft are an excellent tool and, as you can see in this article, making them doesn’t require much, but it brings enormous benefits.

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