Important things to remember about machinery safety

Any machinery should be installed and used safely to prevent the risk of injury or even death, so let’s take a look at the important things to remember.

There were 135 deaths in the workplace in 2022/23, 15 percent of which occurred in the manufacturing industry. Whilst the workplace is getting safer and this number is decreasing, it is imperative that workplaces deal with and mitigate risks sufficiently.

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– All machinery and equipment should be fully risk-assessed before use.

– Machinery should be fitted with safeguards, free from defects, and have no missing parts.

– Ensure safeguards are not overridden and outline the dangers and consequences of doing so. There should be an easily accessible emergency stop function available at all times.

– Regular inspection and maintenance of machinery should be a top priority to ensure it is safe. This should be documented and only carried out by qualified technicians.

– Ensure signage is placed on machinery that it is dangerous and that all staff are adequately trained to safely operate equipment.

Machinery suppliers

When choosing a supplier for your machinery or manufacturing equipment, remember that they are legally obligated to inform you of any risks that could not be designed out. This is why any machinery must be purchased from a reputable merchant.

Reputable suppliers will stock brands renowned for their safety record and features, such as Euromac, Roscamat, and 3 arm. For stockists of Euromac bending machines and other manufacturing equipment, visit a specialist such as

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The law stipulates that all equipment should be safe to use, regardless of its age, origin, or condition. With the help of a specialist supplier, a business can ensure it is doing all it can to keep its workforce safe.

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