Famous wooden floors throughout the world

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We have used wood for the buildings of our home since we were able to fell trees with an axe. We then developed tools like the lathe and the chisel to be able to create and shape the wood into what we needed to be. One of the best things that we have ever made with wood is the example of  12mm Laminate Wood Flooring, such as that from www.irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/laminate-flooring/12mm-laminate. This simple but effective material can be cleaned quickly and maintained easily. There are many famous examples around the world of the most exquisite wood floors.

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  1. The State Hermitage in St Petersburg in Russia. The parquet flooring here has been under significant restoration since the year 2000. It was built for the Russian royal family in the 1700s. In the ballroom, visitors don protective covers to protect and polish the floor at the same time.

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2. The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. You can trust the French Aristocracy to make sure they had the best of everything. The floor of the hall of mirrors is no exception. It is almost what the word opulence was invented for. It is full of geometrical stars and lozenges and is a genuinely intricate work.

3. The Boston Symphony Hall. Hardwood floors are excellent receivers of sound. Whereas carpet will deaden music, hardwood floors will allow it to be heard crisper and more apparent. That’s why it was the only choice for this grand old building on the North American coast.

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