How to Tell If There is a Problem With Your Television Aerial

A bad picture on your television screen is one of the first symptoms that something might be wrong with your television aerial. It can be caused by many different factors, including a poor aerial signal, a malfunctioning amplifier or damaged equipment. Here are some common problems that you might notice and what to do if you find that your picture or sound quality has gone down. Bad weather may also be to blame for a poor picture or sound, and the local transmitter might be to blame.

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You can check your television’s signal by adjusting its configuration settings or looking at its signal strength panel. The signal strength may be displayed as a percentage, with a lower number meaning a weaker signal. The signal level may also be displayed in dB, with a lower value indicating a poorer signal. If you find that the signal is too weak, try repositioning the aerial or switching cables.

A loose connection in the TV aerial is another common problem. When the aerial cable is too loose, the television won’t receive a signal from it. Loose aerial cables are easy to fix, and it’s often a relatively simple task. If you’ve removed your television aerial recently, check the cable to ensure that it’s still in place. If it’s still loose, plug it back in.

A faulty aerial might require a replacement transmitter or an aerial tuner. If you’re unsure whether your television aerial is the culprit, you can use another one to check the signals and to find out if your signal is as bad as it used to be. It’s a pain to watch pixelated TV or to get no signal messages. For TV aerial installation Gloucester, visit

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If your television is not receiving the correct signal, you can check the connection with an aerial tester. Aerial testers are available from electronic stores and can even be ordered online. If the aerial has a loose connection, it’s important to check the connection and the cables around the television before you can continue with the problem. Then, check if there’s anything else that might be affecting the signal.

Check the antenna. Sometimes, it can be bent or missing parts that can affect the reception. Another problem can be with the direction of the antenna. If the antenna is facing the right direction, then it should work. If not, call a repairman. If the problem persists, try repositioning the antenna away from electronic devices. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to upgrade your aerial.

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