What makes us buy the products we choose from the supermarket shelves?

When you go to the supermarket and choose your favourite products and regular purchases, what makes you pick them?  Do you go purely on price, or is it the label and the brand that encourages you to put the item in your trolly?   Marketing Strategy Consultants like http://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/marketing-strategy-consultant/ are the professionals that help to brand goods and promote their sales to potential customers. We are all guilty of buying something, just because it has a famous name!  Children are all about branded products and if their friends are wearing trainers with the snazzy brand, then they will want to wear the same, so they fit in with the crowd.

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Clever slogans and catchphrases alongside colourful brand names and smart advertising campaigns all work to promote a company’s identity.  When you hear the slogan “Work Rest and Play” you know straight away that it’s a Mars Bar that’s being promoted.  “Taste the Rainbow” for Skittles, “Just Do It” for Nike, “Snap Crackle Pop” for Rice Krispies, all these clever slogans stick in your head, are appealing to children and make you want to buy the product.  There is a lot of peer pressure at school and children are heavily influenced by their friends. If everybody in your child’s class is wearing a pair of branded trainers, it’s really difficult to say “No” they can’t have a pair because of the price. However, in this very difficult financial climate that we find ourselves in today, most families are having to tighten their belts and look at ways to save money on their food bills and all other outgoings.

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Buying a supermarket’s own brand of food, item of clothing or household goods is usually a lot cheaper than a big brand and the food products are normally, just as nutritious, and tasty. The clothes fit just as well and often last longer.  The household goods, just as useful, colourful, and most have a range of coordinating items.  From large ticket products, such as fridges and freezers, down to table clothes, napkins and plates, most companies who sell these items have a range of coordinating appliances and products. You don’t have to purchase branded goods in order to have the best products in your home.  Comparing different items yourselves is the best way to find out which tastes best for the best price, what clothes fit you comfortably and what household items suit your interior decorating style.

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