Why is mobile optimisation essential?

1. Better User Experience

Optimising websites for use on mobile devices needs developers to configure it for a quicker load time, simpler navigation, and content layout. A non-optimised site will look terrible on mobile devices and users may leave within seconds.

When you dedicate time to mobile-optimisation, you improve the user experience, and in turn attract more visitors to your website. The majority of young adults are online shoppers. A well-optimised website is crucial to the success of your business. For help with Web Design Surrey, go to www.akikodesign.com/design/web-and-digital

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2. Traffic

A mobile-optimised website attracts more visitors and contributes directly to an increase in traffic. It’s not just the better UX. Google states that sites which are optimised for mobile devices rank higher in search results.

  • Users have shown through their online activities that they are more likely to prefer sites with mobile compatibility for shopping and browsing.
  • When you optimise your website, you are boosting its SEO quality significantly.

Mobile optimisation is almost always associated with higher revenues. Mobile commerce is expected to reach $710 billion by 2025.

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3. Competitive Boost

You gain an advantage by matching user expectations and optimising your website for mobile devices. Which website will they visit more often – yours, with the perfect layout and smooth scrolling OR that of a competitor?

Putting mobile-friendly design first not only attracts new visitors, but also keeps them. You can directly encourage loyalty and credibility by offering an excellent user experience across all devices that someone might use to browse the web. People form habits, and will often stay with anything that brings them good results.

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