How to make your own drain cleaner solutions

A drain is a pipe that is responsible for taking away water and waste from your home or business premises. It is essential to keep drains clean so that they work effectively.

Cleaning and maintaining your drains regularly can help prevent blockages, damage to pipes, and the accumulation of unpleasant odours. Issues such as bad smells and slow-to-drain water are signs that your drains could benefit from a clean.
Effective drain-cleaning solutions

Some commonly used household can be combined to make effective cleaning solutions:

Baking soda combined with white vinegar causes a fizzing action that is great for cutting through grease, soap scum, and debris. Use one cup of each ingredient.

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A combination of one tablespoon of cream of tartar, one-quarter of a cup of baking soda and one-quarter of a cup of salt is also a powerful, non-toxic cleaning agent.

Washing up liquid combined with hot water is another highly effective cleaner and readily available.

Borax, white vinegar and salt is not only an effective cleaning solution but also great for brightening white laundry.

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Drain specialists

For persistent bad smells or poor drainage that does not improve with cleaning or maintenance, you may have blocked or damaged drains. In these circumstances, it is important to enlist the help of a specialist to conduct work to determine the cause.

Drain specialists carry out assessments, repairs, replacements, and drain lining solutions; for example, companies such as offer services including drain lining Oldbury and the surrounding area.

Never leave a problem with your drain or sewerage system unattended. Doing so can increase the severity of the problem, leading to damage to the surrounding areas and having to fork out for more costly repairs.

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