Common Ear Problems

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Ears are great when they are working properly, but some people experience all kinds of problems with their ears. Here are a few common ear problems…

Inner ear infections – This is an infection in the tubes within the ear that connect to the nose. This can often happen when the person has had a virus that affects the nose like a cold or flu. It is more common in children as their smaller tubes are more vulnerable to infection.

Outer ear infections – This is often a fungal infection that affects the ear canal. It can also be caused by the skin of the ear canal becoming irritated and having a reaction to something like earplugs.

Glue Ear – This is most commonly seen in children and is caused by the middle part of the ear where the small bones are, becoming full of a sticky fluid like glue – hence the name. It usually clears up by itself but sometimes a doctor will need to intervene.

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Earwax Build Up – Normally earwax works its way out of the ear by itself, but sometimes it can become hard and compacted leading to the ear becoming blocked with wax. When this happens, it is best to go to a professional like this ear wax removal company to get the problem resolved.

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Tinnitus – This is the name for a ringing noise in the ear, which people who suffer from it hear all the time. Ranging from mildly irritating to having a detrimental effect on mental health, tinnitus can be caused by a range of things, from congested ears from a virus to exposure to noises that are too loud.

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