Can video games cause migraines?

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Can video games cause migraines

Can video games cause migraines? They can make them worse, but that’s not quite the same thing. According to this survey of 125 migraine sufferers conducted by a (thankfully defunct) Australian website called “The Migraine Shop,” 45% of people who suffer from headaches on a regular basis say that they experience more pain when playing video games. Another 39% say that video game headaches are simply different but no less painful than “real” migraines and the remaining 16% say that gaming has had absolutely no effect on their migraine symptoms whatsoever.

What causes headaches from video games?

Can video games cause migraines

The reason that headaches are reported as being worse when video games are likely because people tend to “fiddle” with the controls more often than they would if they were watching a movie or TV show. This means that gamers are moving around more in their seats, straining their neck and upper back muscles, and possibly even developing habits such as rubbing their eyes.

The good news is that these negative factors are completely reversible. If you’re experiencing headaches while gaming, try setting your video game to run at a lower resolution and/or frame rate (if possible) or simply stop fiddling with the controls. Alternatively, start taking breaks every few hours or so from using your PC monitor or console screen. It may be the case that you’re not giving your eyes enough time to rest!

As for gamers who are experiencing headaches that are different from migraine symptoms but just as painful? This is known as “game headache,” and it occurs because of a similar combination of muscle tension and fatigue from straining one’s neck to see the screen. But even if you suffer from game headaches, it’s still possible to reduce your symptoms by taking frequent breaks and spending a little less time in front of the TV or monitor whenever possible.

Also, keep in mind that people who have previously suffered from migraines are more prone to headaches when playing video games because they know what it feels like and is more likely to look for the symptoms.

This is why we strongly recommend that all new or potential migraine sufferers experience a few days without headaches in order to determine whether migraines actually caused their pain. After all, if you’ve never gotten a headache from using your computer monitor before, and you suddenly do after you start suffering from migraines, then what’s more likely: That you’re now getting headaches specifically because of your computer usage or that you were just experiencing regular headaches all along and never realized it.

Video game headache remedy

If you’re suffering from headaches that are different from migraine symptoms but just as painful and severe, then here’s what I recommend: Take a few days off for sure if you haven’t already. If your symptoms still persist after the break, try adjusting your computer monitor so that it sits directly in front of you rather than at an angle. This gives your eyes less of a workout than if you’re staring down the monitor from an angle.

The biggest problem, though, is that these headaches aren’t usually considered anything to be concerned about unless they start interfering with someone’s daily routine or causing intense pain every time they use their PC. Even then, I doubt most doctors will want to prescribe migraine medicine (which is usually only effective for those who suffer from migraines) for what’s considered to be a temporary, low-grade headache.

You’ll just have to grin and bear it until things get better!

Also, remember that the more symptoms you’re experiencing other than just headaches, the worse your headaches will probably become, and the more likely it is that you’re suffering from migraines.

How to avoid video game addiction?

How to avoid video game addiction

Today, our children are more tempted than ever by video games. And in many cases, the lure of virtual reality is so great that they just can’t resist.

Is it a bad thing? Well, if you’re only playing one or two hours per day, then I would say no. But some kids are spending entire days locked up in their rooms playing on their consoles. Not only that, but they’re also skipping classes or failing to do their homework because they just can’t stop gaming long enough to get anything else done.

What’s more, many parents don’t realize that video games for kids are even worse than what we used to play as teenagers in the old days. The games are far more realistic and sometimes contain a lot of violence or obscene content.

There’s no doubt that video games can be fun in moderation, but if they’re taking over your entire life, then it’s time to ask yourself how you can break free from the cycle and reclaim your life from the addiction!

1) set time limits for yourself and stick to them. Start with an hour a day, but if you’re struggling to break free from gaming addiction, then try going down to 20 minutes a day. Even that small amount of time can add up over several weeks or months, and soon you’ll be able to form new habits that will help you avoid video game addiction.

If you try to quit altogether overnight, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms will probably lead to relapse within days or even hours. Remember, it’s easier to do things in small steps rather than big ones!

2) Get out more often and spend time with people who enjoy gaming as much as you do. It’s a lot harder to let yourself get sucked into gaming for hours on end when you’re surrounded by people who would rather be doing something else, like going out for dinner or catching a movie.

3) Go ahead and keep playing games if that’s what you want to do, but make sure that you’re enjoying the actual game rather than getting caught up in the addiction to it. This means that you have to set things up so that you’re less likely to get sucked back into the game once your timer goes off or your allotted gaming time is over. For example, don’t just keep your console on standby while you’re out of the house – turn it completely off instead!

4) If you find that gaming is still taking over your life, then maybe it’s time to trade in the console for a new hobby. You might have enjoyed video games when they were first introduced, but now that you’ve seen all there is to see and do most of what these games have to offer, it may be time to move on.

If you’re not careful, then the next thing you know, gaming can take over your life and before long, it will be a major addiction in your life that has taken control!

5) Finally, never be afraid to ask for help if you feel like gaming is getting out of hand. If the limits you set yourself aren’t helping, consider asking your parents or a trusted friend to help you stay on the right track.


Can video games cause migraines? As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself break free from the clutches of gaming addiction. Can video games cause migraines? Yes, they can if you don’t watch out, and parents must learn how to spot the symptoms in children and themselves. If something seems to be taking over your life and you’re spending too much time on it, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself exactly why that is – and if there are other things that you’d rather be doing.

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