Best games with necromancer class you should try

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games with necromancer class

The class is documented only in some of the fantasy games. Takes on various forms, not always associated with death or evil. Thus, necromancers as such are present in the Diablo series and Warcraft (especially in the latter), where they can summon undead characters from their graves. At first glance – neutral figures without negative characteristics. In WoW as a necromancer, you can raise the dead for 60 seconds and use it to fight the enemy or run away.

Games with necromancer class

  • Jagged Alliance 2
  • Heroes of Might And Magic
  • Titan Quest
  • Shadow Of Oblivion
  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  • Heroes Of Might And Magic IV
  • Diablo’s sequels
  • Shadow of Oblivion
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Daggerfall
  • Heroes of Might & Magic 4
  • Overlord 2

games with necromancer class

Diablo and WoW stand out from the crowd of games having necromancers, but there are more fantasy role-playing productions with such class. Keep reading: How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

In the Elder Scrolls series, you can find necromancers who specialize in healing and raising dead creatures, although this ability is available to all characters (in different degrees).

The magic school of Necromancy is known in the games Jagged Alliance 2 and Heroes of Might And Magic. In the Jagged Alliance sequel, you can learn some spells with a negative effect, which work on living characters and creatures, but your primary skill is that of a healer. The necromancer’s first magic allows him to cleanse diseases from his allies; the second one heals wounds, and the third – to cure deadly ones.

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The class of Necromancer is present in Titan Quest too. He can summon skeletal creatures (he has no spells for direct combating). In this case, necromancers cannot be considered as positive characters, although they are not directly associated with evil deeds.

But here is a game that is definitely associated with the cult of death and destruction. The Necromancers in Diablo are evil creatures, who use the dead for their own purposes. They can resurrect skeletons, zombies or even some boss monsters (with much fewer possibilities). This dark magic distracts our heroes from destroying Diablo’s reign of terror when they encounter such a monster. We hear about the Necromancers who have long left the dark dungeons, but some of them still remain in dungeons.

In Shadow Of Oblivion, necromancers are not just evil mages, they’re literally possessed by demons. When we meet the necromancers or their ghosts (after their death), our companions are alerted for a verbal fight and try to avoid such characters. But you can also talk to them and sometimes earn a reward or some valuable information if they’re not too hostile (otherwise they attack).

In the game necromancers’ reincarnation does not end with Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, we continue fighting against them in Heroes Of Might And Magic IV (which is a bit strange, considering the title and content of this series).

A necromancer in Heroes Of Might And Magic IV is rather a neutral NPC than an enemy. He has no dark magic like in Diablo’s sequels or Shadow of Oblivion, so he cannot resurrect dead creatures or summon new ones. But he can use some healing spells (his overall rating is a healer’s one). So in this game necromancer is a neutral class, although some of his spells can be used against living creatures and players.

In some cases, necromancers are associated directly with the vampiric. For example, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that you can find a letter from a necromancer who reveals his plans to create “Children of Her Blood,” ie vampires.

In other games, it turns out that the necromancers are the heroes who, for some reason, can not die and continue to fight against evil. Examples of such games – Diablo II, Daggerfall, Heroes of Might & Magic 4.

Another subspecies of the necromancer – is a dark elf sorcerer in The Elder Scrolls. These characters can summon skeletons from graves. In the role-playing game Darklands, such characters have similar characteristics to the above.

Finally, in some games, we find a variation on the theme of “necromancer and skeletons” where, for example, after killing an NPC his soul remains in your body and can be revived from death without fear of physical damage. Example – Overlord 2, where this character class is called a “Reanimator“.

In conclusion, it should be noted that if we talk about necromancy in its literal sense, then the game developers did not even try to reproduce all of its peculiarities. Most often, necromancers are people with magical powers associated with the death and resurrection of the dead.

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